Michael Castello

Michael is a singer/songwriter, producer, director, engineer and owner of Nashville.com. Michael has been in the music and film industry for 40 years and learned songwriting from Tin Pan Alley great Lou Stallman.

Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum in downtown Nashville, TN.

The Frist Art Museum, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a significant cultural and architectural landmark. It was originally constructed as the main post office from 1933 to 1934, exhibiting a blend of classicism and Art Deco styles. The building, faced in white Georgia marble with gray-pink Minnesota granite, is an …

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Onoleigh’s New Single – Walls

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Onoleigh and her new song “Walls“.  – After graduating from Mizzou, Onoleigh made her way to Nashville, TN where she jumped right into writing and performing original music. As her most personal song to date, “Walls”, was co-written with John Oates and Nathan …

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Dangerous – Joel Guptill

Joel Guptill

Joel Guptill, the East Coast Canadian sensation now lighting up the Nashville scene with his new song Dangerous. Joel is redefining what it means to mesh the electric vibes of pop/blues guitar with deeply soulful melodies. Drawing inspiration from the musical heydays of the ’60s, ’70s, and the early aughts, …

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In My Blood – Houston Bernard

Houston Bernard

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Houston Bernard and his new song “In My Blood”. – Right or wrong, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. – Houston Bernard might walk the line now, but the result of how he got there is brutal honesty. Truth in storytelling …

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Bernice Marsala – Left Behind


NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Bernice Marsala and her song Left Behind – With a voice as rich and textured as the Folk-Rock melodies she weaves, Bernice, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, and classically-trained guitarist has strummed her way into the very fabric of today’s music scene. Hailing from Sycamore, IL, …

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KJ Wild – Strangers House

KJ Wild

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is KJ Wild and their song Stranger’s House – We normally showcase an act just once but we like Stranger’s House so much we decided to spotlight the duo of Jon Worthy and Kiki Halliday once again.  The song has an anthem-like appeal …

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J. Michael Reese – Wordsmith

Mike Belle

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is lyricist J. Michael Reese and his poems Definition of Blues and True Love –  The makeup and construction of a song as perceived by songwriters often follow several formulae. An idea for a song may first blossom in one’s mind, or it can …

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Jenny Owen Youngs – Avalanche

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Jenny Owen Youngs and her single Avalanche – The airwaves are about to be struck with a sonic landslide as indie folk diva Jenny Owen Youngs prepares to launch her first full-length album in over a decade, Avalanche, out September 22 via her …

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INDOLORE – C’est pas la peine

NASHVILLE – This weeks Nashville Pick is INDOLORE and his single C’est pas la peine – This French resident from Paris had a dream of traveling to Nashville, and when he finally made the trip, he recorded several songs with a local producer and Nashville musicians.  We extended our Nashville hospitality …

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