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Nashville Zoo
3777 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, TN 3721
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(Jan 2 – Mar 10 ) 9 am – 4 pm
(Mar 11 – Oct 12 ) 9 am – 6 pm
(Oct 13 – Dec 31) 9 am – 4 pm

Nashville Zoo Cougars

Welcome to the Nashville Zoo, home to hundreds of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds such as tigers, giraffes, rhinos, clouded leopards, cougars, kangaroos, zebra, lemurs, meerkat, white-cheeked gibbons, giant anteater, porcupine, cassowary, flamingos, piranha, tarantula, anaconda, python and many more. Opened in 1997, the Nashville Zoo ranks among the top 10 percent of American zoos.

Jungle Gym

Nashville Zoo’s Jungle Gym is the wildest place for a high-flying, high-swinging adventure! Swing like a gibbon, run like the zebras and prowl around tiger-style in the 66,000-square foot playground. Jungle Gym features a 35-foot tall tree house structure, super slides, swings, and giant snake tunnel. The Jungle Gym is the largest community-built playground in the United States.

Gibbon Islands

As you enter the Zoo, two islands covered with various trees and bushes are home to siamangs and white-cheeked gibbons. Throughout the day you may hear their distinctive calls greeting visitors as they enter the Zoo, all while climbing and swinging through the treetops.


The meerkat exhibit, opened in 2002, features a mob of extremely social meerkats. Visitors can view them through a plexiglass wall or through a cylindrical window within the exhibit to get a meerkat’s-eye view of the colony as they dig through an expansive network of underground tunnels.

Clouded Leopard Conservation Program

Nashville Zoo’s signature species, the clouded leopard (Thailand) represents successful conservation initiatives including field research and captive breeding programs.  At the Nashville Zoo, more than 28 cubs have been born in 17 litters since 2009. All of our clouded leopard cubs are raised by hand.

Nashville Zoo Map

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