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NASHVILLE: Country Rock artist Chris Bricks is setting Summer ablaze with fiery new single Barbecue, releasing on June 25th. Sizzling onto the scene just in time to heat up summer playlists, “Barbecue” was written and co-produced by Bricks. The high-energy, infectious new single is undeniably a must-play song for the season and is sure to ignite that party vibe for your summertime bash.

“Barbecue” is the follow up to the singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalists’ Country debut “Rock & Roll.” Blazing his path in Country music, Bricks’ sound encompasses a wide range of influences with Country roots that run deep, growing up on a horse farm where he first fell in love with Country music and touring nationally as an indie-pop artist, opening for groups such as Smash Mouth, Cute Is What We Aim For and We The Kings.

“I have always been surrounded by Country music and have had a love for it since I was a kid. I grew up on a horse farm, where I soaked up a ton of Country music. I learned to ride horses, and I was surrounded by people who taught me how to line dance. I want to make and release music that gets people excited and dancing. This single brings that fun party vibe for the summer, and I hope people will love listening to it,” said Bricks.

“I hope that people will crank it up, while hosting their BBQ cookout!”

Prior to pursuing a career in Country music, Bricks spent a decade, creatively exploring multiple sub-genres of music with success selling out shows in New York, performing at SXSW and showcasing as an indie pop artist. While he could create endless music with programmed beats, sample packs and pop hooks, the music he was making started to feel uninspiring. Obsessed with the guitar at an early age, he decided to inject the guitar back into his music, merging his pop hooks with instrumentation, ultimately returning back to his Country roots. He made multiple visits to Nashville, and eventually moved to the City in 2023.

Continuing to carve out his own lane, his time in Nashville has opened him up to collaborations with esteemed Producers John Shaw and Ilya Toshinsky, Mixing Engineer Mark Abrams and Songwriter Carrie K.

Of his creativity and work in the studio, Abrams shared, “Chris is one of my favorite artists to work with. It is unusual to find someone who understands songwriting and singing while also having a deep understanding of the production and post-production processes.”

Taking inspiration from Nashville’s bustling nightlife, Bricks released the music video for his debut single “Rock & Roll,” depicting the electric energy of downtown Broadway’s scene. His love for the Nashville community was further propelled by the incredible pool of talent in the City, where the caliber of musicians is unlike anywhere else in the world.

All of this the culmination of a decade long journey of introspection, experimentation and some of the time reckoning with himself and his personal struggles with alcohol addiction.

“I’m in a great place right now, but it’s been a long journey to get here. No one gets through without some struggle. I hope that my music will resonate with people, and also be a source of inspiration,” Bricks shared.

“Barbecue” brings together Bricks’ unique blend of Country and Pop Rock, turning up the volume with driving guitar licks, stadium-worthy choruses and pulsating rock beats, setting the tone for the kind of electric, high-energy sound that you can expect from the rising newcomer. The Ohio native is currently in the studio working on a forthcoming album. For more information, visit


Written By Chris Bricks
Co-produced by Chris Bricks and John Shaw

deep fry
gimme wings and some apple pie
drown in hot sauce til i die
spicy ass chicken so hot i’ll cry

she’s got me workin’ up an appetite
come by my house ‘cus we’ll be feastin’ tonight

hey man don’t you know that i love grillin’ meat too?
we could hang out and cook right by the pool
hey man wanna come out to my barbecue
my barbecue
wings n thighs
burgers n fries
wings n thighs
burgers n fries

pulled pork
high torque
eatin’ tofu’s always a bore
drinkin’ champagne on the front porch
almost lost an eye poppin’ that cork

she’s always cookin’ up the finest things
but on the grill man, you know i am the king

hey man don’t you know that i love grillin’ meat too?
we could hang out and cook right by the pool
hey man wanna come out to my barbecue
my barbecue
wings n thighs
burgers n fries
wings n thighs
burgers n fries

strips and filets
char-grilled or braised
i can cook them
in so many ways
wagyu and kobe
what can i say?
i love ’em all
let me cook for y’all


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