WATCH: Chase Rice, “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.”

Chase Rice just premiered the official music video for his current single “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” featuring Florida Georgia Line. “A lot of what you see, we were just sitting there talking about real life stuff… It’s been a long time coming, but 10 years later here we are.” (Watch above)

Filmed at an old tobacco barn on Rice’s Nashville property with award-winning director TK McKamy, the video illustrates the simple pleasures celebrated in the song’s lyrics among longtime friends.

Written by Rice together with Hunter Phelps, Cale Dodds and Corey Crowder, the song’s lyrics celebrate the power of slowing down to enjoy meaningful conversation, which has become more relevant over the past year than ever before:

I don’t know what heaven looks like, nah I don’t think anybody does
If it’s like down here up there tonight, then there’s folks like us
Sittin’ here, drinkin’ beer, talkin’ God, amen
Killing time livin’ life with some down home friends
When the world’s gone crazy, man it all makes sense
Sittin’ here, drinkin’ beer, talkin’ God, amen

“We actually wrote this song before the pandemic, which is crazy because it’s almost like God was intervening in the song just to say, ‘Hey y’all, get ready. You’re gonna have a lot of time to sit around a fire, drink some beer and hang out with me,’” shared Rice upon the song’s release earlier this year. “It’s a special song in that way because it really is a celebration of what 2020 became for us and a lot of other people — slowing down to enjoy these moments with our loved ones and having deeper, more meaningful conversations with each other.”

Produced by Florida Georgia Line, Rice & Crowder, the collaboration was a long time coming for Rice and FGL’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard who first worked together more than 10 years ago as eager songwriters new to Music City.

The song serves as a continuing example of Rice’s desire to share new music with fans more frequently than traditional album cycles allow, as it follows seven-song surprise project The Album Part I (featuring Top 10 hit “Lonely If You Are”) and four-song follow up The Album Part II, both released in 2020, with The Album Part III on the horizon this year.

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