Sarah Lightman
Sarah Lightman

Sarah Lightman Releases New Single TODAY

NASHVILLE: This week’s Nashville Pick is Sarah Lightman and her song TODAY.  With its captivating melody and deeply resonant lyrics: “As I ride between the lines, I think about the dreams / see inside. I’m living them in another place, instead of where I am today.”

In a world where indecision can often leave us feeling stagnant, “Today” serves as a powerful anthem for those facing the daunting task of making difficult decisions. Set against a backdrop of emotive instrumentation and stirring vocals, the song explores the experience of being caught in limbo, uncertain of which path to take, yet determined to forge ahead in pursuit of a brighter future. With its raw honesty and heartfelt sincerity, “Today” speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of self-belief. Through its stirring lyrics and infectious melody, the song offers a message of hope and empowerment, reminding listeners that they have the power to shape their own destinies and create the lives they truly desire.

Sarah Lightman

With 6 releases under her belt, Sarah Lightman has had two music videos feature at Universal CityWalk, Los Angeles, she gained over 68,000 views of the music video for Silence on Youtube, over 6,000 streams for Silence on Spotify, partnered with 3 sponsors over the 8 year span of her career, became one of the first members of Twitch’s music collective, and a landed festival appearance with Amp Nation this past spring in Lakeland. Florida.

“Today” is available on all major streaming platforms now. Don’t miss your chance to experience this powerful and uplifting anthem for yourself.

Sarah Lightman
Sarah Lightman

About Sarah Lightman

Sarah Lightman is an acclaimed singer-songwriter known for their heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, and captivating stage presence. With a unique blend of soul, folk, and pop influences, Sarah Lightman has quickly garnered attention for their honest storytelling and emotive performances.

“Today” marks the latest chapter in Sarah Lightman’s musical journey, offering listeners a glimpse into the depth and complexity of their artistry. Her voice is most often compared to those of Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae, Sara Bareilles, and Adele.

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Sarah Lightman
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