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NASHVILLE — Our latest Nashville Pick is Hadley and her single My Rules – 
When the lights go down, inhibitions go away. Live music unlocks unrestricted freedom to sing, shout, smile, and let go completely. HADLEY exudes and encourages the same empowering freedom through her music.

At the age of three she knew she was meant to be on a stage with her mother rushing her across the state of Georgia to perform, gracing stages as a country and national anthem performer. At age fourteen she was already making her mark spending several years honing her skills at a Blues bar in Atlanta. Her sound developed during these years which has become every part of her music. She made the trip to the world-famous Tootsie’s in Nashville and hasn’t looked back ever since. “Silky voice that delivers the emotion in a song” and “Voice of an angel” is how fans have reacted once witnessing her emotive powerful performances.

In charge of her destiny, she shines brighter than ever before on the hauntingly heartfelt-“I Missed Your Call”. The track penned by Grammy and CMA award winning Ashley McBryde, Josh Melton and Mark Burke. “This song is relatable for anybody in the music industry who is constantly on the road chasing this crazy dream without knowing if they will ever make it and having to make endless sacrifices”, she reveals. “Oftentimes being on the road traveling to shows and other opportunities around the country, you miss those important calls you wish you could take. More and more songs are being put out that are cookie cutter and watered down for radio “Missed Your Call” isn’t one of those.”


As far as who has created the unwavering passion for music within her, HADLEY doesn’t mince words. “I would have to say Ashley McBryde-because she doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. She is herself and she won’t change for anyone. If you look back on all the stuff Ashley has done, you can tell how hard she has worked and that she is deserving of her success. I try to have that mentality with my career. Another artist is Lauren Alaina. She’s also from Georgia and I love how genuine she is. I swore up and down for my entire life that I would never be a fan girl, but she is the one person I did freak the F out about. When I did, we took pictures and videos at Red Door; she’s so genuine. Ernest inspires and influences me a lot. He’s changed genres and worked his ass off, and while I don’t know him personally, it seems like he never stops working Morgan Wallen inspires my music as well”

“Country Music is filled with great storytelling and authentic stories that hit every kind of emotion That is one reason I love this genre so much”

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