LISTEN: John Rich Releases “The Man”

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter John Rich releases “The Man.” The thought-provoking song and accompanying video for the tribute to Rich’s grandfather who served in WWII brings life to all those who have sacrificed so much for us to be free. The video features veterans from various conflicts that currently reside in the Middle Tennessee area. The song is featured on the recently released project The Country Truth. Watch the video above. Rich will also perform and appear on several shows this week, including the Fox Nation/ News Patriot Awards on November 16th.

John Rich says, “I wrote this song about my grandfather’s service in WWII, but also for ALL our Veterans who have served over the decades on behalf of our nation. I hope this song reminds every one of their family heroes who served and brings a sense of American pride and honor to their hearts. I was honored to have Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom, and Desert Storm representing all the major conflicts we’ve been in since 1940 featured together in the video for ’The Man’. The ‘Greatest Generation’ are the shoulders we have stood upon since WWII, and now it’s our turn to be the strong shoulders for future Americans. The bar has been set, it’s time to rise to the occasion.”

In continuation of saluting our veteran’s, John Rich, Catturd and friends will be holding Turdstock 23 on Sunday, November 12th. The show in Nashville is sold out; but will be available for streaming live. You can watch the show on Rumble HERE.

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