Kopper and Kash Release “True Believer”

Kopper and Kash released their new single “True Believer” making you believe in country music again. The single dropped on January 20th, but you can click here to listen.

The song opens with a smooth guitar playing in the background. Then vocals come in with lyrics “you know I need you like earth needs rain.” Right off the bat, the theme of the song is here. The need for that love, the love to carry you through life. “I need a true believer.” The singer needs someone who can give that unconditional love in return. Someone who can “keep their heart” even when times are hard. The concept of love and the importance of it being mutual is prevalent in these lyrics. Everyone wants that feeling of being loved back, of being seen, and that is what “True Believer” is about.

Electric guitar solos continue to play throughout the song adding even more layer and meaning to the piece. The mid tempo stays consistent the whole time which can be connected back to the theme of love and how consistent love is important in people’s lives. Drums are present but not overpowering. This was a very particular artistic choice by the band which was an excellent one. Having the drums in the “back” and having the female vocals and harmonies more “up front” allows the listeners to really hear the lyrics and the message while still enjoying the beat and the rhythm. “True Believer” is a song you should listen to if you want to be uplifted.

Kopper and Kash is composed of dad Jeff Pennycoff and two daughters Mia and Ava Pennycoff. Jeff has been sharing his love of country music with his daughters from the moment they were born, singing to them in their first moments of life.

You can keep up with Kopper and Kash here.

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