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NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Houston Bernard and his new song “In My Blood”. – Right or wrong, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. – Houston Bernard might walk the line now, but the result of how he got there is brutal honesty. Truth in storytelling is the foundation that country music was built on, and Bernard bares all to narrate the story of his family tree in his September 8th single, “In My Blood.” Some of that story includes an absent father, an enlistment, and a great great grandfather who was a famous outlaw THE EAGLES wrote a song about.

“In My Blood is by far one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written and definitely one of the tracks I’m most proud of,” confesses Bernard. “Some of the greatest country songs of all time have a ‘storytelling’ aspect that resonates with you and that’s something I wanted to include. This song is about my family and my journey to learn more about where I come from, and in turn learn more about who I am.”

Houston Bernard

The allure of the Bernard family legacy isn’t limited to just chords and lyrics — it’s a cocktail of deep-rooted country heritage, the lore of outlaw legends, and a consistent cadence of country hits. Enter Houston Bernard, whose family tree boasts songwriters, touring country musicians, and even an American outlaw, George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb.

Houston’s early life was serenaded by the country beats of Norman, Oklahoma. His father, Donny Bernard, and uncle, Johnny Bernard — who, by the way, contributed “Muddy Mississippi” to Reba McEntire’s 11th studio album — toured with icons like Tanya Tucker, Wanda Jackson, and Sleepy LaBeef. As members of the Rebel Brothers, they graced the country music scenes of Oklahoma, Texas, and Nashville in the 70s.

Drawing back the curtain on his earliest songwriting memories, Houston shares, “I can remember all the way back to when I was about five years old, when I wrote some of my first little songs or jingles.” The youthful simplicity of these melodies still lingers in his memory.

However, the arc of Houston’s childhood took a poignant turn when financial strain led his father to reenlist in the Army, relocating the family to Anchorage, Alaska. The subsequent events — parents’ separation and mother’s remarriage — saw young Houston and his brother move to Wasilla, Alaska. Their father-son reunion only occurred when Houston reached 19, marking a bittersweet chapter in their bond.

In Alaska, Houston’s passion for music did not wane. As if echoing his family’s history, he shared, “I was always drawn to performing and singing and entertaining people from a very young age, and by the time I was 12 years old, I was already singing in malls and talent shows.”

His family lineage also featured the notorious outlaw, George “Bitter Creek” Newcomb, his great-great-grandfather. A member of the Dalton Gang before forming the ‘Wild Bunch’ with Bill Doolin, Newcomb’s renegade life ended in 1895, leaving behind a legacy that inspired The Eagles’ track “Bitter Creek.”

Channeling the spirit of his ancestors, Houston crafts music that fuses country traditions with rockabilly beats, winning over fans across generations. He reflects on a deeply personal song, stating, “One song which immediately comes to mind is something I wrote with Britton Cameron called ‘In My Blood.’ People often think my name is just a made up stage name, but I’m proud to say it’s actually a family name that goes back several generations.”

Over the years, Houston has graced stages alongside country giants like Luke Bryan, Old Dominion, and Clint Black. The thrill of live performances remains unmatched for him. “If it also connect with my fans, that gives it so much more depth and meaning. When I’m on stage, connecting with people and entertaining them is something that is just very fulfilling.”

With a diverse palate of influences, from Dwight Yoakam to the iconic Dolly Parton, whom he lauds as transcending generations, Houston’s music speaks volumes. He reminisces, “She still amazes me to this day! Legend is an understatement!”

Having served in the U.S. Army, Houston aspires to play for a USO Tour. “I remember when I was in and the shows were such an amazing release and joy,” he mused, eager to give back to those serving overseas.

Charting his contemporary hits, Houston has been building a discography since 2013, with tracks like “All We Are Is Memories” showcasing his prowess on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and CMT. His upcoming single “Hangover,” a collaboration with Nashville sensation Bill McDermott, promises a foot-tapping, honky-tonk-ready anthem.

Houston, reflecting on his career and inspirations, concludes, “If it also connects with my fans, that gives it so much more depth and meaning. When I’m on stage, connecting with people and entertaining them is something that is just very fulfilling” And with a lineage as rich as his, he’s doing just that.

WEBSITE: https://houstonbernard.com

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/1Ts5hENHJTS8GErBLbu4fy?si=3H7W3l-vTfOhlWlmLGH_4A&nd=1

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