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Dangerous – Joel Guptill

Joel Guptill, the East Coast Canadian sensation now lighting up the Nashville scene with his new song Dangerous. Joel is redefining what it means to mesh the electric vibes of pop/blues guitar with deeply soulful melodies. Drawing inspiration from the musical heydays of the ’60s, ’70s, and the early aughts, Guptill muses, “Imagine if John Mayer and Allen Stone collaborated to birth a musical prodigy… but with a sprinkle of indie rock flair.” It’s a blend of “fearlessly honest lyrics” and “easily singable melodies,” that not only captures listeners’ attention but also finds them belting out the tunes by the second chorus.

Having planted his roots in Nashville since late 2019, Guptill’s soaring popularity across America’s stages is undeniable. Notably, his alliances with the award-winning artist collective, Pitch Meeting, have further solidified his position in the music landscape. And let’s not forget his consecutive appearances at the revered Bonnaroo Festival in the past two years.

Joel Guptill

In a reveal that will surely have fans on the edge of their seats, Guptill spilled the beans on his latest ventures. Following the release of his captivating single “How Do I Break” in 2021, Joel Guptill is gearing up for what promises to be a groundbreaking moment with Dangerous – the drop of his debut EP, aptly titled “Quarter Life Crisis,” this coming fall. If the buzz is any indication, the music industry should brace itself for Guptill’s next wave. Stay tuned!

Joel Guptill:

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