Bernice Marsala – Left Behind

NASHVILLE – This week’s Nashville Pick is Bernice Marsala and her song Left Behind –

With a voice as rich and textured as the Folk-Rock melodies she weaves, Bernice, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, and classically-trained guitarist has strummed her way into the very fabric of today’s music scene. Hailing from Sycamore, IL, and holding a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor’s degree in Music Business, she’s not just another name in the industry.

Comparisons? Bernice’s stylistic verve is often likened to luminaries like Michelle Branch, Ingrid Michaelson, Natalie Imbruglia, and Avril Lavigne. But her distinct sonorous quality is truly her own, evolved from Folk to a versatile Alternative Folk and Folk Rock palette.

The songstress first enchanted listeners with her 2020 debut album, “Save Me,” a sonorous chronicle featuring her “empowered vocals and hypnotic guitar parts.” International waves were made with the leading single, “Left Behind,” still resonating on Radio Alfa in Salerno, Italy.

Never one to rest on laurels, 2021 saw Bernice releasing two singles and expanding her fanbase, leading up to a creative explosion in 2022 with “Little Fires.” This track, with its music video, sent shockwaves across the industry, garnering over 15k streams and 500+ views in mere months. The accolades came pouring in, with top ten placements for “Best Alternative Song” and “Best Music Video Production” in the World Songwriting Awards, finalist spots in the 2023 ISSA Awards, and even the crowning glory of ISSA’s Folk Artist of the Month in August 2022.

Who can forget her chart-climbing single “Don’t Miss You at All,” which hit number 14 on the New Artist Spotlight’s (NAS) Top 20 show? It’s this blend of creative innovation and audience connection that sets Bernice apart.


2023 ushered in “Burgundy,” a single and a full-length album that coincided with her 30th birthday. Comprising the singles from 2021 onwards, as well as previously unreleased gems, it’s a collection that brims with artistic maturity. Among the standout tracks is “What Happens Now,” a folk-rock fusion, nominated for “Folk/Americana Song of the Year” in the 2023 Josie Music Awards. A harder rock edge resonates through this new album, signaling an evolution that her fans are embracing with open ears.

In Bernice’s world, the music flows, genres blend, and the fans follow. With her supportive husband (the drummer behind many of her hits) and her two-year-old baby girl by her side in Nashville, she’s making music that moves, captivates, and inspires. Bernice’s ever-evolving sound is a melody that promises to continue to charm the world.







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