WATCH: Peytan Porter’s Debut Song “Therapy”

Peytan Porter spent the past five years refining her songwriting chops on Music Row before releasing her debut song, “Therapy,” as it was too important to her to get the stories just right. On the heels of the release, Porter brings it to life in an accompanying music video for the track today, watch it above.

“There are a lot of experiences I’ve written about over the years, some stay in the season that inspired them but others stick around long after and become pivotal points in my story both as an artist and as a person. ‘Therapy’ is one of those,” shares Porter. “Getting to share it with the world alongside a video that tells the real story behind the song (down to the actual locations) feels very cathartic, like finally closing the box on it personally and giving it to others who might be going through something similar,” the Dawsonville, Georgia-native adds.

“I want listeners to feel hope for what’s going to happen next. Something better is on the other side… and we all have to learn to trust that.”

Written alongside Micah Carpenter, Jonathan Hutcherson and Mackenzie Carpenter, and produced by Greg Bates and Evan Cline, Porter depicts her tightly crafted song’s story through hazy pastel frames of past memories split dichotomously with present moments over compelling lyrics:

So I’m giving me some
Taking back the time you took away from me
People always told me you were bad for me don’t be mad at me
While I take a little time to focus on my recovery
Do a little personal discovery
Of who I am now that you got a piece of me
Baby let me be
I gotta get through a little therapy

The official music video, released today, was shot around Nashville and directed by Porter and Slater Goodson, with Cece Dawson as creative director.

With a distinct sound that seamlessly blends classic country storytelling with pop-savvy hooks, Porter’s fanbase has grown organically thanks to social media platforms. In early 2021, she signed her first deal as a joint venture with Jody Williams Songs and Warner Chappell Music.

Growing up in small Dawsonville, Georgia, Porter always believed her singing would take her somewhere else. It did: She moved to Nashville in 2016 to attend Lipscomb University, but she never truly left Dawsonville behind. As the middle child in a family of three daughters, she mastered the art of balance. “I’m the stereotypical middle kid,” she says, laughing. “I am most comfortable nestled between two very different things, whether that’s two distinct sisters or country music and pop music. I’m a peacemaker. I like bringing people together and finding common ground.” That balancing act has also applied to her sense of place: She’s held on to rural roots and while chasing city aspirations. “I’m bringing my favorite parts of both with me. I’m not rejecting either side,” Porter says.

Busy co-writing, collaborating and recording, Porter is set to release more new music in the coming months.

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