Wanted Bread or Alive: National Sandwich Day Favorites Including Mitchell’s Deli and Calwson’s Pub

Southern Halo-
Natalia- I love a turkey, cheese and avocado sandwiches. They’re the best!
Christina- Meatball subs. All day, every day.
Hannah Morris- My favorite sandwich in the world is a Chicken Philly with lots of cheese! 🙂

Rick Monroe Mitchell’s Deli (East Nashville) Turkey Bacon Avocado

Sarah Ross- Turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, banana peppers, and mayo on a wheat roll.

Former WSM Radio personality and singer-songwriter, Sam RochfordA BLT with mustard instead of mayo.

Terra Bella’s Joe & Martina

Meatball or Steak & Cheese! –Joe

Turkey & Provolone. Simple yet super effective. -Martina

Lockwood Barr- I made up a sandwich combo at this place called Clawson’s Deli on 4th avenue in Nashville. It’s got turkey, brie, strawberry jam, lettuce, onions, pickles, mayo. MIC DROP. One time, a few of the Clawson’s employees commented on how good it sounded as they handed me my order, so now I keep waiting for them to name it after me…”The Lockwood.” Maybe I should drop a few more hints.

JagertownOlive loaf with extra mustard, iceberg lettuce and a tomato on any kind of bread.

Max T BarnesA Reuben or a Cuban – Both great and they rhyme!

Joe HottCountry Ham


Isabella- Grilled Chicken with chipotle sauce
Abby- Grilled Cheese
Gabby- Hoboken
Riley- Grilled Cheese

Parker WillinghamMy all-time favorite sandwich is a fried-bologna sandwich.

Dakota Danielle Ham and Cheese!

Ashley BarronThe Turkey Grinder from Whole Foods. I’m pretty sure they put Italian dressing on it and that’s why it’s bomb!

JoLiviGrilled Cheese!!

Crystal Day Well, I’m vegetarian so I’d say any veggie sandwich with avocado.

Kaylee Rutland I would say a good chicken salad sandwich!

Nick HickmanItalian Sub from Jimmy Johns.

Indigo Summer-

Bryan – Growing up in Florida and in the Tampa area, my absolute favorite sandwich is a hot-pressed Cuban Sandwich!
Hope – I love a good grilled cheese!! Like a fancy one with fried green tomatoes or something!

Beyond the SunColin– Club Sandwich

Jenna Paulette Sloppy Joe!!! YUM. I haven’t had one in a while… but I want one right now!

Devin Burris“Favorite” is hard to define. I like too many lol. Top of the list- Loaded Chicken Bacon Ranch, Chicken Parm, and classic Bacon Deli Club…y’all quit making me hungry.

Bailey JamesWhatever the person I’m with has ordered. I am that person that eyes the other person’s sandwich until they offer me a portion or all of it…LOL

Kayla CalabreseVery simple…Turkey with lettuce and spicy mustard.

Becky Warren I love Mitchell’s Deli here in Nashville. All their sandwiches are incredible. But my favorite is the tofu banh mi. I really think it could convert anyone into a tofu lover. I always try to eat half and save half but it’s always impossible. I just cannot stop eating it.

Julia CapogrossiMeatball Sub

Tim Surrett of Balsam RangeBrisket and cheese with BBQ Sauce

Williams Honor-

REAGAN: I love a Grilled Cheese with raw onion on toasted sourdough!
GORDON: Any kind of breakfast sandwich with toasted ciabatta bread from WaWa or Quick Check after 3am …and yea pork roll egg & cheese, baby! (it’s a Jersey thing)

Mark BraySince I grew up in South Florida, I’m very much partial to a traditional Cuban Sandwich!

Christopher Griffiths of Will Hoge Band- Village Cheese Shanty “Log Jam” with Roast Beef, Feta, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, 3-Pepper Relish, and Guacamole on pretzel bread

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