Sarah Ross is Back and Better Than Ever With “Doin’ Just Fine”

Sarah has survived and come out on top, no matter the odds, and her new music proves it. Her diversity crosses all genres on her new song, “Doin’ Just Fine.”  The song was co-written by Sarah, David Fanning, Ross’s ex-boyfriend, and Curt Gibbs. The opening line, “always talkin’ bout all the time and money you spent on me. Saying you could get someone so much better than me,” packs a punch and sets the tone for the rest of the song. 

As she’s proven repeatedly so far in her career, the woman can belt out a song with a borderline-inhuman force. “Yeah I’m doin’ just fine, hey, ever since you walked away. Won’t let my heart break, no, you can’t bring me down,” Ross sings powerfully in the song’s chorus.

Another highlight of the song comes with the lyrics, “but I’m the one you must be missin’ when you get drunk, cause now you’re callin’ me up.” Here she brings out relatable emotion in the song and succeeds in making it her own. You really do feel like she is singing it for you.

Ross is neither a good girl nor a vixen; instead, she happily dances in the grey area in between. This single choice has set the tone for the forthcoming EP’s performance and has left us wanting more from the Nashvillian.  So until more is announced from the songstress, we will be doin’ just fine at some of her favorite Nashville spots. 

Best BBQ: Edleys 
Hot Chicken: Boltons 
Burger: Jack Browns
Best place to take someone from out of town: The Angry Beaver 
Place to shop: Pre to Post Modern 
Best wine selection: any Italian place
Best place for live music: Exit/In

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