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Caroline Jones released her EP  All of the Boys on March 27th which features four different mixes of the single: album, The Coffee House, Country and Dance. The project reflects her versatility and the influences of the dream list of superstar artists (Zac Brown Band, Jimmy Buffett & the Eagles, Kenny Chesney and others) she has opened for and it has helped set the stage for future headlining tour dates. When she is not on the road touring, Caroline is also the host of Sirius XM’s Art & Soul where she sits down with musicians from around the world for intimate acoustic performances. Jones was kind enough to sit down with Nashville.com and answer a few questions about the new EP, single and being a bit of a control freak.

1. You co-wrote your single “All of the Boys” with mentor Zac Brown. What was that session like?
I actually brought “All of the Boys” to Zac after it was written. I had written it for a man to sing — “she makes friends with all of the boys” was the original hook — and Zac was the one who suggested I keep the song for myself and flip it to be from a female perspective. He thought it would be fresher that way. It took a few hours of tweaking and then subsequent days for me to wrap my head around singing it subjectively. I’m really blessed by Zac’s perspective because I would have never written those lyrics from the first person! Plus, Zac tweaked some melodies and came up with that awesome bridge build-up. So it was meant to be.

2. “All of the Boys” was mixed with four different sounds – Album, Country, The Coffee House and Dance. Which is your favorite?
The album mix is my favorite — it’s a little bit rock, a little bit pop, a little bit 80s, a little bit Tom Petty, a little bit country. Many of my most beloved musical influences are reflected in the production. A close second is the Coffee House mix, which is very special, intimate, and stripped back.

3. You’re working on an album to be released later this year. Will you just write a bunch of songs and pick the best or do you have a vision and theme?
The former. In some cases, a theme will emerge as a body of work begins to take shape, but at this moment in my musical journey, my main goal is to write and produce the best music I can to the best of my musical ability. The best ideas naturally find their way to the surface as we are recording. I’m also at a place in which I love exploring different musical styles, so my album will reflect that diversity of taste.

4. COVID-19 has delayed your headlining tour. Other than the obvious, what is the best thing to come out of this and what is the worst thing for you?
I have had so much time, and more importantly, mental space to really get creative momentum going with no distractions. I have been writing a LOT, but also learning new styles of music and deepening my instrumental practices. Taking the time to learn progressions, instrumental tools, and songs that I otherwise wouldn’t take the time to focus on. It’s really fulfilling and fun to get on a creative roll.

5. You’ve opened for some of the biggest names in the business. Now that you’re headlining, what will you do different from some of your mentors?
Wow, great question. I technically haven’t headlined a whole tour yet, so I will let you know! But I have to say, I’ve been extremely spoiled as an opener. Every headliner has gone out of his/her/their way to support me and make me feel welcome. Each has their own vibe, leadership style and preferences, but I can honestly say I have truly enjoyed every touring experience I’ve had.

6. You’ve done almost everything on your albums from producing and writing to playing almost every instrument. Would you say that you’re a control freak?
Hahah! Pause…yeah. Yes. Yes, I am. BUT. I’m also extremely passionate and endlessly creatively curious, and those parts of me are all mixed up with my obvious control issues 🙂 So it’s not all bad. I want to learn. I want to dive deep. I want to be the best I can be at all my crafts. And the only way to do that is through experience, trial and error, learning from people, working with people, and getting my feet dirty, if you will. Also, I have really brilliant, talented, experienced co-workers and collaborators around who help me grow.

7. When things get back to somewhat normal, will you have the same interactions with fans or will some social distancing practices be your new norm?
Hmm, I’m not sure! Safety is the first priority, obviously, for all parties involved. So it will depend on those protocols. But regardless, I love interacting with fans. That will never change. The whole reason I do what I do is to connect with and inspire others through music!

8. Where’s the first place you want to eat in Nashville when things open again?
Sunflower Cafe!

Jones is currently working on her sophomore album, expected later 2020. Caroline is going to be doing a virtual radio tour starting this week, check out the schedule below:

Tuesday, April 28th

7pm EST –  WXCY 103.7 New Country (MD, DE, PA) Instagram Takeover

Wednesday, April 29th

5pm EST –  KKGO Go Country 105 (LA) Facebook Live

7pm EST – KSON (San Diego) Facebook Live


Thursday, April 30th

12pm EST – WWKA K92.3 (Orlando) Instagram Live

3pm EST – KWBL 106.7 The Bull (Denver) Instagram Live

7pm EST –  WYCD 99.5 (Detroit) Instagram Live


Friday, May 1st

5pm EST –  WNSH 94.7 (NY, NJ, CT) Instagram Live

–Jerry Holthouse

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