Musician, Singer-Songwriter, & Foodie, Ruthie Collins, Takes us on a Food Tour of East Nashville

East Nashville Foodie Tour:

Breakfast: Sky Blue/Yeast

Brunch: Marche

Lunch: Mas Tacos

Happy Hour: Lockeland then Urban

Dinner: Five Points Pizza

Late Night: Dino’s

Grocery Store: Turnip Truck

There is NO better neighborhood for great food in Nashville than the East Side. I consider myself a big foodie so I love living in a place with endless options. This was hard to compile because there are SO many great restaurants, but if I had to narrow it down here’s a list of my MUST STOP’s for good eatin’ in East Nasty.


I split this up depending on how much time you have!  If you’re looking for sit down, Sky Blue is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a cute little spot with a great and affordable breakfast. If you’re not scared try the Stuffed French Toast Pancakes! 

Now if you’re just wanting something just to grab and go for breakfast I HAVE to say Yeast Bakery. I only recently went to try these infamous kolaches and I must say they are all the hype and more!  I especially like the Tex Mex Kolaches. Perfectly baked bread wrapped around smoked sausage, cheddar cheese and jalapeño. Dang. So good. Their fruit kolaches are also amazing. It’s a must try for sure.

If you’re looking for brunch in East Nashville, Marche will never not be my go to.  Gotta go early though cause there’s always a line. I always start with the fruit tartine, (It changes seasonally) and some sort of egg dish. Their savory crepes are always delicious. And I always insist on an order of Croissant French Toast for the table. It’s to die for.  Add in a French 75 and you are Tres Bon!

There are so many great lunch spots in East Nashville, but if I had to pick one it would be the tried and true Mas Tacos. The sopa terasca (basically a black bean soup) is as the kids say, bomb. Definitely have to try the fried avocado taco as well and both the chicken and beef tacos are amazing. (Basically all the tacos are sooo good, that’s why you need MAS) I also recommend the elote, basically a traditional Mexican, super cool, corn on the cob thing. And don’t you dare leave without trying the fried plantains for dessert.

If it’s happy hour in East Nashville I’m only going to talk about one place. Lockeland Table FOR THE WIN.  Their community hour is from 4-6 Monday through Friday and it’s unbeatable. Good wine, beer and awesome cocktails. But the food is really the thing.  They have a cheese pizza with chili oil that will make you cry. Seriously, it’s an emotional experience. The Korean beef tacos and the deviled eggs are also amazing.  And do yourself a favor and order the Olive & Sinclair chocolate chip skillet for dessert. It’s off the regular menu but SO worth it. Happy hour at Lockeland Table is a great way to get the experience of this fabulous restaurant without paying their normal dinner price tag.

(And after happy hour walk yourself right across to Urban Cowboy for a delicious cocktail and a nice hang session around the fire pit on their uber trendy patio. You’re already in the neighborhood so it’s a must stop!) 

For dinner in East Nashville, no need to keep it fancy, you’re going to want to head over to 5 points for the best pizza outside of New York City, 5 points pizza.  This place is exactly what you want out of a good pizza joint. Classic pizzeria ambiance, great beer on draft and ohhhhh the pizza. It’s perfection. Start with the garlic knots and don’t be coy, sop up all the delicious garlic butter goodness onto that heavenly knot of doughiness. Also try the classic pepperoni or for something different the the Habanero Cream Sauce Pie.  To die for. 

If it’s late night and the cravings hit, there is only one place I’m headed to. Dino’s. It hails as the oldest dive bar on the East Side and it does not disappoint.  Sip on a tecate and order yourself a Dino’s Classic Cheeseburger and fries and make sure to get it animal style! The hot chicken sandwich is also a pro move. 

East Nashville also has one of the best independent grocery stores around. The Turnip Truck on Woodland has amazing produce, great fresh cold pressed juices, and an amazing salad and hot bar.  It’s a perfect spot to get your organic grocery shopping done or to stop in for a quick healthy and delicious meal!

With endless options for booze AND eats, East Nashville is a foodie mecca. Don’t forget to wave at the hipsters!!


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