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Mae Estes – Nashville.com Picks

This Week’s Nashville Pick!

Mae Estes – RECYCLED

Written By: Autumn McEntire, Hannah Blaylock, Mae Estes, Josh Matheny

(NASHVILLE, 2020) – Independent Country artist, Mae Estes, releases “Recycled” to reminisce about growing up in the south. As a sentimental anthem to remember where we came from, co-writers Autumn McEntire, Hannah Baylock, and Josh Matheny, joined Mae for a trip down memory lane in this new track. “Recycled” is a stripped down, acoustic vocal expression displaying her vulnerability and raw sound, while referencing her own childhood memories.

“I can honestly say I can personally relate my childhood to every reference the song makes. My Dad has an old, red Folgers coffee can that he kept screws, bolts and spare change in. We often had a Country Crock butter tub in the fridge, used as a storage container for dinner’s leftovers. The second verse specifically was written with my little sister in mind, who was about to be married at the time we wrote it. I smile every time I sing the ‘Mamaw’s recipes’ line because I’m very close to my Mamaw and it’s special to get to give her a shout out in a song.”

Keeping with the theme of passing down family heirlooms, Mae is particularly proud of the cover art for “Recycled”. It shows a beloved photo of her Great Grandmother, Eva Mae, who she was named after.

Keep up with Mae Estes on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. You can purchase “Recycled” on iTunes or Amazon Music. Stream “Recycled” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Mae Estes is a Nashville based singer-songwriter from Hope, Arkansas. Born with a dream too big for her hometown, she moved to Nashville in August of 2015. Taking inspiration from artists like Lee Ann Womack and Keith Whitley, Mae merges the timelessness of classic Country music with modern melodies and production to form her exclusive artistry. Mae has a catalogue composed of raw, uncensored vulnerability like her debut single “Naked”, as well as confidence anthems like “Best Side”. She prides herself in covering the good, the bad, and the ugly of life, expressing her stories and the stories of others.

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    Great song. How does someone submit their song to Nashville.com?

  2. michael

    Glad you enjoyed the song as much as we did, Sheri. We will have a new artist up next week so check back in. To submit a song. visit our Nashville.com Picks page here: https://www.nashville.com/artist-picks/
    You can also contact Picks@Nashville.com

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