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Singer/songwriter Lacy J. Dalton, best known for her iconic hit, “16th Avenue” reissues her long-out-of-print debut album, “The Jill Croston Album,” today to all major streaming services. Originally released as a self-titled disc in 1978 (prior to changing her name to Dalton) the collection of songs showcases a different side of the country star’s musical talent and gives a glimpse into the songwriting talent that propelled her to stardom just a year later.

Dalton is premiering “Black Jack Davey” (listen above) and “Snake Song” (listen below) from “The Jill Croston Album,” right here on today. Speaking about “Black Jack Davey” Dalton told, “This is just a great rousing ballad about a renegade roaming rogue from medieval times playing the devil’s game.” And regarding “Snake Song” she had this to say, “A little song written from experience – advice to the lovelorn as it were.
Higher and Higher – I’ve always been of the mind set that when you can, always take things higher and even higher.”

“As far as I can recall, this was my first attempt at recording,” says Lacy. “I don’t consider it my finest work,” she continues with a laugh, “but it was, after all, a first attempt and some people seem to like it.” Prior to making “The Jill Croston Album,” Dalton had spent a decade performing throughout the country, developing what would become her signature sound by dipping her toe into the folk music and psychedelic rock scenes of the era. Those influences fill “The Jill Croston Album,” along with hints of country sounds that were to become her career, but it’s her songwriting that shone through and remains as bold and clever as ever.

By 1979, Dalton signed with CBS Records as an outlaw country artist and the record label requested she change her name. She hit the Top 20 that year with “Crazy Blue Eyes” and amassed a total of 16 Top 20 songs. More recently, she released the single “Devil By A Different Name,” addressing the many issues going on in the world and reminding us that we aren’t all that different.

Lacy J. Dalton recently celebrated the 40th Anniversary of her hit signature single “16th Avenue.” Written by Thom Schuyler (Dalton, Kenny Rogers, Michael Martin Murphy), the lyrics, “God bless the boys who make the noise on 16th Avenue,” gave musical dreamers from around the world a true understanding of the music industry by showing them the significance of Nashville’s Music Row and that is where dreams could come true. Although things are different today, Lacy J. Dalton’s “16th Avenue” continues to offer hope to every songwriter or entertainer who has a dream of being heard and a place to go to chase it! 

Dalton has received several notable awards over the years including a certified Platinum record as the only female duet on Willie Nelson’s album, ‘Half Nelson.’ She was also awarded the highest award from the boards of Strictly Country Magazine and the Spirit Awards (one of only 4 times in 25 years the award was given out) for her independent CD ‘Last Wild Place Anthology.’  Most recently she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Josie Awards – the largest independent music awards show in the country.

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