LISTEN: Ian Munsick’s “Dig”

Raised as a ranch hand in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming native Ian Munsick knows the value of persistence and hard work in all aspects of life – and relationships are no exception. Munsick just released “Dig” off his upcoming project White Buffalo (listen above). He penned the track alongside Jessi Alexander and Dave Villa.

The inspiration for the song’s tale first arrived to Munsick as a recurring image of digging to reach a skeleton. That image serving as the metaphorical backdrop, “Dig” details the time and dedication it takes to gain the trust, and ultimately earn the love, of the people you care about.

“Melodies have always come to me at the most inconvenient times,” Munsick shared. “In the middle of class, on airplanes and even in my sleep. Now, I’m not complaining – I just wish the universe would choose more opportune moments to strike creative lightning into my brain. A couple years ago, I dreamed up the verse melody for ‘Dig’ and, unlike most of the music I dream, I remembered it as soon as I woke up. I immediately reached for my phone and recorded it so it wouldn’t escape into my subconscious fog. I knew it was one of the best melodical phrases I had written, and I’m grateful the universe let me hang onto it.

“As a songwriter, I love pairing melodies with lyrical ideas,” he continued. “This particular musical phrase was begging for a lyric that highlighted the dark string of notes, while remaining optimistic with the chorus lift. What better way to do that than working for love. In my opinion, the best kind of love is the kind that doesn’t always come easy, but the kind you have to dig for. That’s where the real gold is.”

Munsick will release his sophomore album White Buffalo on April 7 via Warner Music Nashville. The 18-track ode to his homeland, which comes three years after his critically acclaimed debut Coyote Cry, serves as a raw, untamed depiction of the American West, with the white buffalo itself symbolizing the rebirth of Munsick’s artistry and life. The project has already yielded standout duet “Long Live Cowgirls” with two-time CMA Award winner Cody Johnson and his most recent release “River Run.”

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