LISTEN: Caroline Romano’s “Tell Her I Said Hi”

Nashville-based alt-pop rising star Caroline Romano reveals her new single, “Tell Her I Said Hi,” today. (listen here)

“Tell Her I Said Hi” is a cathartic release of anger packaged into a wholly addictive alt-rock anthem. Equal parts tender and tenacious, Caroline bravely navigates the messy emotions that arise after a transformative heartbreak.

“‘Tell Her I Said Hi’ is me closing the final chapter on a particular heartbreak I’ve been writing about for a while,” she explains. “I wrote this song after finding out he had already moved on with someone else just days after we broke up. I was thinking about it nonstop, playing out different scenarios in my head about what I’d say to him if I ever saw him again, and ‘tell her I said hi’ is the line that came to mind. There’s a finality to that sentence that’s both heartbreaking and cathartic. The song itself is jealous, angry, pretty, and exhausting, all at once, much like the ending of our relationship.”

At just 22-years-old, the singer and songwriter has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to create anthems that capture the highs and lows of young adulthood. She memorializes her messy, relatable emotions into buoyant, unflinchingly honest songs.

Caroline has continued to come into her own with her more mature and intentional sound which she showcased on her 2023 EP, ‘A Brief Epic.’ With millions of streams already, and more music on the way.

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