LISTEN: Brian Falduto's "Skip The Step" feat. Presidio

LISTEN: Brian Falduto’s “Skip The Step” feat. Presidio

Brian Falduto, known for his role as Fancy Pants in the beloved Jack Black film School of Rock, has transitioned into a burgeoning Country music sensation. 2023 marked the release of his debut Country track, “Same Old Country Love Song”, propelling him into the spotlight. It was greeted with positive encouragement and excitement and would become an LGBTQ+ country music anthem.

Recently, Falduto unveiled “Skip The Step”, (listen here) a revamped rendition of a previous release. This isn’t just a solo venture; it’s a collaborative masterpiece, as Falduto teams up with the talented band Presidio to infuse new energy into this heartfelt anthem.

These are exciting collaborations with “Skip the Step (Alternate Version) feat. Presidio” dropping today and “One More (Real Hypha Remix)” following on 5/31. Falduto expresses his enthusiasm for these partnerships, highlighting the opportunity to showcase different facets of his artistry alongside artists he admires.

At its essence, “Skip The Step” delves into the depths of heartbreak, emphasizing the significance of embracing vulnerability in the journey towards healing. Falduto’s introspective lyrics capture the raw emotions of moving forward from a breakup, urging listeners to acknowledge the necessity of processing grief before finding closure.

Musically, “Skip The Step” maintains a simplicity that allows Falduto’s vocals and acoustic guitar to intertwine seamlessly with Presidio’s accompaniment. This minimalist approach amplifies the song’s emotional resonance, underscoring Falduto’s ability to convey profound messages through his music.

In a landscape often dominated by surface-level bravado, “Skip The Step” serves as a poignant reminder to honor our emotions and engage with the healing process authentically. Falduto’s artistry shines as he invites listeners to embrace the discomfort of heartache, trusting that true healing awaits on the other side.

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