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LISTEN: Blanco Brown’s “I’ll Never”

Blanco Brown today delivers the emotionally charged “I’ll Never,” unlike anything he’s ever released. With heartfelt, universal lyrics that evoke the purest of emotions and a soulfully smooth melody, “I’ll Never” captures the essence of everlasting love. Listen now above.

“’I’ll Never’ is about loving someone the way they need to be loved because everyone needs and deserves love in different ways,” says Blanco. “Even if it means looking in the mirror learning to love yourself just a little bit more.”

Written by Blanco with Keith Justice and Allen Arthur, the lyrics nod to a romantic love, but song’s the timeless imagery and music video frame love “like a warm glass of my favorite childhood memories,” connecting Blanco’s bigger message of purpose over everything, that love comes in many forms and is for everyone no matter what stage of life, love, adversity, or difficulty they are facing.

With passionate vocals, steel guitar and Country instrumentation, Blanco, who also produced the track, showcases a soaring vocal performance and deeper message of perpetual love, singing:

I’ll never stop loving you, holding you, kissing all on you 
I’ll never stop being me, doing all the things that I do 
Even when I’m not around 
You at least know a thing or two, 
I’ll never stop, loving you, loving you

Having just wrapped his Monster Energy Outbreak Tour as well as a lively performance on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, “I’ll Never” follows Blanco’s latest releases and collaborations of “Trap Still Bumpin’” with the legendary T.I. and the funky “Let It Slide” with multi-platinum selling LOCASH and the beloved multi-faceted talent of the late Leslie Jordan.

Most recently, Blanco was a guest on season 3 of Apple TV’s Sesame Street Workshops show Helpsters, and his songs “CountryTime” and “Georgia Power” were both featured in Netflix’s show Ginny & Georgia, leading to an influx of shazams as the second season just dropped on January 6.

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