Interview With Clark Hill on New Music Video “Perfect To Me” And Other Delicacies

Good Afternoon Clark! Thank you so much for talking with Battered and Brewed! What was a typical dinner or family meal like for you growing up in Florida?

Making me hungry already.. probably steak and a baked potato! But also fried pork chops, black eyed peas, cornbread, you know, REAL food. lol

@clarkhillmusic welcome home meal 🙂 I am pretty spoiled

Being an Southerner, what are some of your favorite “southern classics?”

I would say the pork chops meal!

Is there anywhere you have wanted to travel or a restaurant you have always wanted to dine in that you have not yet? Or somewhere you can not wait to get back to?

I’m a huge BBQ fan, I recently ate at Joes in Kansas City. I will definitely be going back there asap! I also make it a point to stop by Edley’s when in Nashville.

How do you maintain a balance of eating healthy while on the road? Anything you avoid or try to avoid so you can keep fit?

Maybe you could answer that for me! LOL I have had a rough couple of months. In typical fashion for myself, I have learned the hard way, gained a lot of weight recently. Just now getting back to eating right. I would say avoiding anything that you can order “fast” is gonna be horrible for you… and doing my best to stay away from carbs.

@clarkhillmusic #tacotuesday

What food is your food vice? You know, one you sneak in a little extra of when no one is looking.

Haha… anything bread. I love bread!

For fun, can you give an example of a “typical day” of eating for you, whether you are going out with friends or cooking at home.

If I’m on the road it will be places I can get in and out quickly, fast food chains etc. When I’m more disciplined, I stick to BBQ and Steakhouse joints. Cooking at home, a thing I call slum gullion, it’s kinda like shepherd pie… but better. 😏

What are three things you can always find in your refrigerator?

Milk, Beer, Pepperonis

One food everyone tells you to try, but you just can’t get up the nerve.

Sushi… my wife LOVES it, I can’t do it.

@clarkhillmusic What an amazing weekend video shoot. Can’t think of a better way to kick off this leg of my #radiotour I can’t wait to share this experience with you all! #clarkhillmusic #perfecttome #countrymusic #newmusic #hillyeah #musicvideo

Tell me about your current single, “Perfect to Me.” What was it about the song that made you want to record it?

That it’s real. That simple. It’s not a song, it’s a story. Plus, to have Chris Young’s blessing to record it was a plus.

What was it liking filming the video for “Perfect to Me?”

One of the more fun things I’ve done. It was awesome to try to share with the world a little about how I see my wife. Although I didn’t personally write the song, I feel so connected to the story and we were able to show at least our good side on video. We are releasing the video on August 18th and I can’t wait for folks to see our love… there’s a tear that runs down my cheek at the end and it was completely honest and in the moment. My wife, at the point of filming, has just whispered to me, “I’m so proud of you.”

Are you mainly inspired by what happens around you for your songs?

I am inspired by everything. My biggest inspiration may be, “How will my music and life affect people?” I always try to see what I can do, I’m a dreamer and that inspires me.

If we turned on your iPod/music device, what would be playing?

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruno Mars, Boyz II Men, Gaither Vocal Band, Elvis Presley, Eminem

Finally for Battered and Brewed, If you could eat or have a drink with one person dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

Elvis Presley, and anything his mom would cook us.


Originally from Starke, Florida, he came of age while working on his family’s farm planting and harvesting vegetables. Beginning in second grade, Hill took the initiative to perform in local talent shows as an Elvis Presley impersonator—hair dyed black, jumpsuit, the whole package. He went on to join the children’s choir and lead the praise band in church before performing regularly for the holidays at Walt Disney World in high school choir.
A truly compelling performer, between 2013-2016, Hill has played over 300 concerts in about 100 different venues across the globe and traveled internationally throughout the fall/winter of 2016 on the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. Hill was declared an “Emerging Artist” by the Country Music Association in 2016 and participated in Fan Fair X at last year’s CMA Music Festival.

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