Country and Broadway Legend Gary Morris with PLA Media President Pam Lewis

Interpretive Sign Unveiled In The Plight To Save Music Row

Pam Lewis, president and founder of PLA Media, has been working with National Trust, preservationists, city council, the mayor, concerned citizens and the planning department to consider a sensitive and strategic long-range plan for preserving Music Row’s historic assets. Passionate to keep this world-renowned community connected and alive, PLA Media has proudly unveiled a detailed interprative historical sign outside their offices. This influential sign illustrates the grave importance and growing concerns of this historical-cultural area. Further, Lewis serves as a founding member of the Music Row Preservation Trust under the umbrella of Historic Nashville Inc.

Lewis worked closely with Carolyn Brackett and the National Trust to chronically research and design the fact based, two-sided, state-of-the-art, interpretive sign. It illustrates the history and what continues to happen in a community that is arguably “ground zero” for the music business. Music Row is a vibrant community with over 200 hundred businesses in the industry. It was recently spotlighted in Ken Burns’ “Country Music,” the comprehensive 16 hour, 8 part country music documentary.

The interpretive sign stems from the “Save Music Row” movement also spear-headed by Lewis, hoping to keep intact a society that has promoted decades worth of talent. Black and white “Save Music Row” signs now dot the streets around the row.
“Just the other day a couple from Chile and a songwriter from Spain stopped to read the sign. People are curious about our history. Shouldn’t we be concerned with preserving it?” Lewis urges. With the extensive amount of destruction and commercial growth, Music Row continues to shrink annually. Lewis claims by bringing attention to this preservation we are making business and cultural efforts to corral supporters in not only protecting, but also restoring this monumental music hub. Moving forward, Lewis aspires that growth in the neighborhood will stray away from destruction and begin to modernize while maintaining the integrity of the district.

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