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10th Street Entertainment Rocking Country Music Scene

10th Street Entertainment has already made a name for themselves in the rock scene with a history of managing some of rock’s most iconic artists such as Mötley Crüe, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and many more. But now the company is quickly and strategically carving a space for itself within Nashville’s country scene. One of their notable recent achievements includes guiding Bailey Zimmerman to a record-breaking country streaming debut, coupled with a remarkable feat of back-to-back number ones.

Founded by Allen Kovac, 10th Street Entertainment’s evolution into the country music scene demonstrates its versatility and ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes. Their accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed. Chris Nilsson, the President of the company, and Scott Frazier, the Senior VP of Nashville Operations, have been acknowledged for their contributions to the country music landscape. Both Nilsson and Frazier were named on Billboard magazine’s prestigious “Country Power Players” list, a recognition of their influence and impact on the industry. This acknowledgment further solidifies 10th Street Entertainment’s emergence as a key player in the country music scene.

Scott Frazier (Senior VP of Nashville Operations)

Scott Frazier’s role in managing Bailey Zimmerman is just one facet of 10th Street Entertainment’s country music roster. Beyond Zimmerman, Frazier also guides the careers of Kanaan Brock and Lecade. This diverse range of artists underscores the company’s commitment to nurturing talent across different styles within the country music genre.

10th Street Entertainment’s transition from being a powerhouse in the rock music world to making a substantial impact in the country music scene is remarkable. With Bailey Zimmerman’s album “Religiously” now near the top of the charts their momentum seems to be hitting warp speed.

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