WATCH: Karissa Ella’s “I Hope Heaven’s Like”

Rising country music artist, Karissa Ella, is just released her new official music video for “I Hope Heaven’s Like.”

The video, directed by Quinton Cook, offers awe-inspiring landscapes and visuals, perfectly complementing the heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody of the song. Featuring Karissa’s grandmother at the beginning, the video takes viewers on an evocative journey through themes of loss, love and nostalgia. The narrative unfolds with a captivating storyline that leaves audiences reflecting on the profound connections we forge in our lives. (watch above)
“In my video, we relive all the good memories my grandpa and grandma had in our hometown. To me, there is something special about the place where it all started. This video is dreamy, nostalgic and a great reflection of the song. I hope viewers love it as much as I do,” Karissa said.

“I Hope Heaven’s Like” was a single recently released on Karissa’s June EP, It’s Personal. Produced by Casey Wood, It’s Personal features all of Ella’s latest releases, including “White Dress Worthy” – the heartfelt collaboration she crafted alongside her mother, Lori Haasz, as well as “Hometown Bar” and the good-time anthem, “Well Tequila.”

She was recently selected as PickleJar and Cumulus Media’s first-ever Spotlight Artist on their new syndicated overnight show “PickleJar Up All Night,” which is currently playing “I Hope Heaven’s Like,” across Cumulus Media Country stations in 47 U.S. markets. The support from Cumulus elevated Ella’s song to #89 on Country Radio.

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