WATCH: Caleb Lee Hutchinson's “Silverado”

WATCH: Caleb Lee Hutchinson’s “Silverado”

The Nashville-based Country roots singer-songwriter Caleb Lee Hutchinson just released his official music video for “Silverado,” the lead single off his latest album, Southern Galactic. Ahead of the video’s release, Hutchinson broke the news of with a main stage announcement this past weekend at Country Jam in front of 40 thousand fans.

“This is the first time I’ve gone all out on a music video,” says Hutchinson. Sam Aldrich, longtime creative collaborator with Hutchinson directed the video. “The goal was to bring ‘Silverado’ to life with a visual that looks like it sounds,” continues Hutchinson. “Sam really understood my vision.”

Much of Southern Galactic’s sound Hutchinson attributes to its producer, Titanic Sinclair. Sinclair, an artist and songwriter himself, brought his deep and eclectic musical toolbox to the making of the record. A toolbox that, according to Hutchinson, provided the necessary cohesion for the pair’s collaboration. Hutchinson had been a fan of Sinclair’s music for a number of years and was drawn to Sinclair’s gritty sound and online persona. Hutchinson recognized a shared vision for what they loved and thought was cool, so he asked Sinclair to produce the record.

Since putting out his self-titled EP in 2019, the Georgia native has always grounded his creative process in the brutal honesty and rich story-telling tradition of country music’s roots. With Hutchinson’s new project, Southern Galactic, he breaks new ground while continuing to honor the honesty and storytelling that seeded his love for country music as a boy listening to Mississippi John Hurt and Waylon Jennings cassettes with his dad.

If the new record sounds different, that’s because it is. Hutchinson isn’t interested in doing what other people are already doing. “A lot of it is country as dog’s breath,” Hutchinson says, “but my influences are all over the place, and all those influences are in the record.”

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