Walker Montgomery Shows His Romantic Side

A true romantic at heart, the love song sits at the top of Walker Montgomery’s list. The rising star says that he always gravitates toward those heartfelt ballads and his latest single “Tired of You” is proof positive that he is a certified crooner. (listen above)

“This is one of my favorites. It’s a beautifully written song. I grew up in Kentucky, the Bluegrass state, and I’m sure that had some influence on how we recorded this song. You can hear those lonesome harmonies with those long drawn out notes. It’s a touching song and I hope people will be moved by it,” says Montgomery.

Written by Tony Martin, Josh Thompson and Neil Thrasher, the sweet and simple message conveys the sentiment of growing tired of all the same old things in life, but never growing tired of the people, or person, you love. One of the clever lines and actually the reason Walker wanted to record the song is, “I’m tired of everybody always blowing up my phone…hell, I’d blow it up myself, if they don’t leave me alone. I’m tired of the same, those same old things I gotta do, but I’ll never, get tired of you.”

“Tired of You” is the third single from Montgomery’s forthcoming ep titled WORK TO DO which releases this fall.

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