Maddie Zahm
Maddie Zahm

Maddie Zahm – Lady Killer

NASHVILLE – This week’s Pick is, “Lady Killer,” which exemplifies Maddie Zahm’s ability to blend catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. This song features a vibrant mix of electronic beats and a pulsating rhythm that makes it irresistibly danceable, yet it’s her lyrical prowess that steals the spotlight. She explores themes of empowerment and self-discovery through the lens of personal relationships, making “Lady Killer” not just a track you dance to, but one that makes you think and feel deeply about the complexities of identity and interaction. This song is a brilliant display of Zahm’s dual ability to entertain and inspire, making it one of the highlights for us of her album.

Maddie’s style in her debut album Now That I’ve Been Honest resonates deeply with those who appreciate not only the artistry of pop music but also the power of storytelling through song. Her approach—combining vulnerable lyrics with a mix of understated and bold musical arrangements—creates a captivating blend that’s both refreshing and profoundly relatable. Her narrative technique, which feels almost confessional, turns each song into an intimate conversation with the listener.

In a recent PRIDE profile with Billboard, Zahm reflected: “I’m writing the songs to heal, I’m not writing them to be relatable. So I’m still learning that line of what I’m comfortable writing about this album has actually kind of posed a conversation with myself, where I’m starting to figure out how much l’m willing to let people in.”

Maddie Zahm will be preforming at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville on May 15th
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Now That I’ve Been Honest – Track List

Where Do All The Good Kids Go?
Eightball Girl
Thanks For Coming Out
oh um*
Lady Killer
Robin Williams
Lights On Kind Of Lover
Pick Up The Phone
Growing In

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