Interview: Getting to Know 16-year-old Country Singer/Songwriter Caroline Dare
Interview: Getting to Know 16-year-old Country Singer/Songwriter Caroline Dare

Interview: Getting to Know 16-year-old Country Singer/Songwriter Caroline Dare

What was it like working with Greg Bates?
He’s great! I started off co-writing with him and we wrote together really efficiently. He is just a great person to write with. We were thinking of coming up with the idea of making an EP and we just thought he would be the perfect person since he is a producer as well; we just have such a great relationship with him. He’s a great person all around and I couldn’t have asked for a better producer.

How did you get set up with Greg?
He’s from Nashville and a guy named Rick Barker introduced us to him, then we started writing together.

Since you don’t live in Nashville, how does that work out? Do you Skype, write, or travel back and forth?
I go to Nashville about once a month for a few days, and we just got a condo here which is great! Now we will be able to stay here for a longer period of time. So at the moment I come about once a month to do co-writes, lessons, and whatever I need to do.

What was playing The Bluebird like?
It was really fun. I think it is definitely a thing on every writer’s bucket list, or just any tourist that comes to Nashville, because it is so iconic. It’s a great place to play-it’s really awesome. I actually did an open mic the first time I went.

Do you see yourself as a mentor to younger female artists?
I think so, even at the age of sixteen I have come across so many great teenage girls, girls younger than me, girls my age, maybe some a little older, that I have connected with online. I get so many messages every single day from those girls telling me how much I’ve impacted their lives and that means the world to me. I am really thankful I have the ability to do that.

What do you think is your fan’s favorite song right now?
I have heard a lot of good feedback on the title track of my new EP called “Me.” People have been telling me that it is such a good ‘pump up’ song, it’s encouraging and has a positive message. I co-wrote that one with my guitar teacher Eric.

Who would you love to perform or write with?
I would love to co-write with Kelsea Ballerini. That would be so awesome because I feel like our writing style is really similar. She’s an inspiration; very youthful.

What was it like to open for The Band Perry and Chris Young?
It was so weird because The Band Perry was sound checking on their stage while I was playing, and I heard them playing ‘Better Dig Two’ and I was like, ‘Oh my Gosh, that song is in my set!’

Favorite place to eat in Nashville? I love juice bars, like Franklin Juice Company
Ice Cream? Ben and Jerry’s
Breakfast? Just Love Coffee was really good
Been to any places on Broadway? I’ve been to Wildhorse Saloon and Tequila Cowboy
Any places you haven’t been that you’ve been dying to go to? Any restaurant that anybody recommends I’m all over it

Favorite places to shop? I love going to Cool Springs Mall


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