Erica Stone Releases “Antidote”

Erica Stone’s transparency of her journey through life has been released on her current music project, Antidote. The twists and turns of life nearly swallowed her, but she rises to the surface with incredible new music, new lyrics to tug at your heart and melodies that offer you courage to stand or a safe place to find solace.

“Wow what a journey it’s been getting to this point. So much life has been lived between where I used to be in this industry and where I am today. I feel like this record explores the tension between life, love, failures, and the ultimate comeback… all journeys we each have traveled at one point or another,” expressed Erica Stone. “My hope is that the listener will find solace in knowing no matter where they sit in life, I’ve been there too… and none of us walk through it alone.”

“Sometimes life doesn’t always move smoothly. There are bumps in the road, and for each one of us, the movements are different, but the results are the same. That’s what Erica Stone is saying on her newly released Album, “Antidote,” writes Think Country journalist, Robin Beers. “Erica is ready to tell the story about the journey and the road she is taking now. I am waiting anxiously to continue the story with her. It is all very relatable, no matter what road your own life takes you down.”

Antidote, features two current singles by Stone, “Lies” and “Glass House.” The upcoming video for “Glass House” will spotlight real stories from individuals who messaged her, willing to share their setbacks and insecurities in front of a camera. The collaborators on this project are those in her tight circle that worked with her nine years ago and stuck with her, when others strayed.


Antidote Track List:
1. Lies – Erica Stone
2. Glass House – Erica Stone/Brian White
3. Higher – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn
4. Want You – Erica Stone
5. Antidote – Erica Stone/Brian White
6. Damn Good Woman – Erica Stone/Brian White
7. It Is What It Is – Erica Stone/Brian White
8. Killing You Dead – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn
9. Nobody Makes It Alone – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn
10. Lost Sometimes – Erica Stone


Download and streaming links available here.

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