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NASHVILLE – Our latest Nashville Pick is Cold Equations and their single Eraser – Music City’s hot new act, Cold Equations, is cranking out their second single, “Eraser,” on June 2nd, poised to be your new indie rock anthem of the summer. Carrying the torch of jangle-rock luminaries such as The Flaming Lips, Guster, and Fountains of Wayne, this Nashville-based crew delivers a lyrical tale of love’s evanescence wrapped in a delectable sound recipe of searing guitar work, pristine vocals, and tantalizing hooks.

“Eraser” is a testament to the enduring magic of the pop-rock genre, infusing the airwaves with its crisp vocals, virtuosic guitar, and perfectly blended production elements. It weaves a spell of catchy hooks that bend your ears and heartstrings in the most delightful way. The much-anticipated single is part of a full-fledged album teeming with pop-rock treasures set to land soon.

At the heart of Cold Equations is frontman Drew Kohl, a hard-touring Nashville artist who’s shared the stage with notable acts like Kiely Connel, known for their stint as Ray LaMontagne’s opener during his 2022 tour. As we head into summer 2023, get ready to blast “Eraser” from your lake-going vessel or road-tripping wagon. It’s the refreshing pop-rock revival we’ve been thirsting for over the last decade.

Cold Equations emerged as an audacious experiment of subverting Nashville’s Americana scene. Driven by the creative force of guitarist/vocalist Drew Kohl, it’s a testament to clandestine songwriting sessions that took place in the quiet solitude of Kohl’s bedroom, a haven where he explored darker themes inspired by indie rock icons such as Pavement, Elliott Smith, and Johnny Marr.

When Kohl crossed paths with Ryan Dishen (drums) at a punk gig and John O’Brien (bass), Cold Equations began taking shape. The trio started crafting the sonic architecture for their eponymous album, ‘Cold Equations.’ Kohl’s impressive tour repertoire spans various genres, including singer-songwriter, folk, and rock, with standout performances at venues like The Chicago Theater and The Louisville Palace.

Joining forces with producer Paul Moak and engineer Zack Zinck, Cold Equations cut their self-titled record at the revered Smoakstack Studio in Nashville, TN. Set to drop in June 2023, the album, like the band, takes its name from the poignant 1954 science-fiction short story “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin, a tale probing the harsh realities of survival and sacrifice. So, as we roll into this summer, gear up to dive deep into the cool, immersive universe of Cold Equations.

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