Counting Crows Rocks The Grand Ole Opry

Last Monday night the Grand Ole Opry was packed for Counting Crows, and this band sounds as good as they did three decades ago when I first saw them. The evening was kicked off by the electrifying Dashboard Confessional, setting the tone for a great night of live music. Lead singer Chris Carrabba’s delivered hits like “Hands Down” and “Vindicated” and had the crowd singing right along.

However, the night truly belonged to Counting Crows as the familiar chords of “Mr. Jones” echoed through the hall, the crowd erupted into cheers, dancing and singing along with the band. Adam Duritz’s signature raspy vocals were as soulful and captivating as ever, capturing the essence of the band’s timeless sound.

Duritz showed reverence for the Grand Ole Opry and its historic significance. He took a moment to acknowledge the Opry’s storied past, speaking about the legendary circle in the middle of the stage that has seen countless stars grace its hallowed ground. He mentioned how upon their arrival, the famous circle was covered by a rug, but the rug had to come off so he could experience standing in it. He jokingly told the band that he was the only one that could stand in it.

The setlist was a blend of Counting Crows’ greatest hits and deeper cuts that had the fans on their feet. Tracks like “Round Here,” “A Long December,” and “Colorblind” were delivered with an emotional intensity for which Duritz is known.

As the night drew to a close the band invited Dashboard Confessional back out to the stage for the encore and they performed “Hanginaround” and “So Long, So Long,” to thunderous applause.

The performance at the Grand Ole Opry was a testament to this band’s staying power. Can’t wait until they come back!
–Jerry Holthouse

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