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Cody Jinks Announces Two New Albums

Cody Jinks surprised fans announcing the upcoming release of two new albums on his own Late August Records.  After The Fire arrives October 11, with  The Wanting releases on October 18.
Five songs are now available from  After The Fire  and  The Wanting  – “William And Wanda,” “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me,” “Think Like You Think,” “The Wanting,” and “Which One I Feed.”
For “Same Kind of Crazy As Me,” Jinks told Saving Country Music,  “I flew to Nashville last year and met up with Ward Davis and Greg Jones in my hotel room to write.  We were sitting around, thinking about some ideas. Greg and Ward have been close friends for a long time and   have written a lot of songs together. Ward and I have been friends for several years and got some good ones, too. Greg and I didn’t know each other well at   that point, but we are both two of Wards’ closest friends. Ward mentioned that we were all the same kind of crazy. We were off to the races. The groove and   attitude of that song say everything: I’m not going to be at church on Sunday and I don’t care about your politics, but I’ll damn sure help you when you need   it.”
For “William And Wanda,” the songwriting was rooted in family as Jinks explains,  “We lost my grandfather earlier this year. My mother’s father was the only grandfather I had, and we got closer than we had ever been after the death of my grandmother. He fought in Korea and was a part of the last great generation, so when Nanny died, we all saw a different side of him. When ‘William And Wanda’ came as an idea, I knew I had to write a song about how my nanny probably fussed at him for being late to heaven. I started the song shortly after his funeral, and my wife Rebecca helped me finish it. She would say, ‘Your nanny would have said this,’ and I would respond with what Papa would have said. It’s the first full song Rebecca and I have sat down and written together. We are so proud of it; it’s celebrating a 60 year love story told by two people building their own.”

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