Carrie Underwood Launches Workout Music Channel On SiriusXM

Carrie Underwood joined the SiriusXM lineup with her very own year-round channel, CARRIE’S COUNTRY (Ch. 60), back in June. Now, the eight-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist is creating a second channel: CARR-DIO by CARRIE’S COUNTRY, available to stream anytime exclusively on the SiriusXM app.

Underwood’s channel plays high-energy workout tracks alongside fitness advice from Carrie herself. “One of the easiest ways to spice up a workout is with music,” Carrie said. “If you find the right jam and you get into it and you can dance in between sets and have a good time with it … Listen to music that makes you happy or pumps you up, and go for it!”

Curating workout songs for CARR-DIO by CARRIE’S COUNTRY was “all about just picking music that makes you feel good,” Carrie shared. “I like stuff that I can either dance to or get mad with — it kind of depends on my mood and what I’m doing.”

One of her personal favorite songs to work out to is “Watch The World Burn” by rock band Falling In Reverse. “It switches gears a lot, and it’s kind of an epic song. Whenever you get a song that is just epic — like, it’s long and visual and switching cadence — I always think that’s cool. So that one gets me going,” she explained.

“My workout mantra is, ‘Just go!’ It doesn’t have to be some epic, awesome workout every single day. Just get in there. You will not be sorry,” Carrie added. “You will not be disappointed in yourself if you do workout, but you might be disappointed in yourself if you don’t. So get in there, get moving, whatever your best is for the day, give it!”

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