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10 QUESTIONS: With Rocker Tim Montana

Tim Montana rocked FirstBank Amphitheater to its core last night in an energetic show in support of Staind.  It was the best rock show we’ve seen in quite some time and has us looking forward to his return. Up until recently, the Butte, Montana native lived here in Nashville but he has moved back to his mother land to be closer to his bar in Big Hole Valley, The Wise River Club.

Montana has made the move from country to rock look easy with his debut single, “Devil You Know” and “Savage.” (listen above) Savage, the new album is set for release on July 12.

Last night Tim said he prefers an electric guitar to an acoustic because an acoustic guitar reminds him of poverty having grown up in a single wide trailer with no electricity. Tim taught himself to play by candlelight. He later performed in school talent shows and after graduating from Butte High School in 2003, he moved to Los Angeles to study music.


Photo by Jay Parr


1. What inspired you to get into music growing up in Montana?

I grew up off grid so TV and video games weren’t a thing. I got a guitar at 6 years old and never looked back.

2. What made you decide to move to Nashville?

I was in LA going to music school and a guitarist named Johnny Hiland came to do a live workshop. I had never heard a guitar played like that and I wanted to take lessons from him. I moved to Nashville to chase Johnny Hiland.

3. What prompted you to lean more towards Rock?

I’ve always been influenced by rock. I grew up on and around cattle ranches so my lifestyle was VERY country but my music choices were always grunge, rock and outlaw country. I was the kid wearing Carhartt, cowboy boots and a Nirvana shirt.

4. How did you and Billy F. Gibbons (of ZZ Top) connect?

We connected in the fall of 2013. He heard a song I had started called “This Beard Came Here to Party” and agreed to come meet me, finish writing the song and record it with me. After my “dream come true” day in the studio, Billy left and at dinner in Nashville that night was approached by a guy who finds songs for sports teams. He was hunting for a song for the Boston Red Sox as they were in the playoffs and not cutting their facial hair until they won the World Series. The Red Sox licensed the song, won the World Series and the rest is history!

5. What is your song writing process?

99% of the time it starts with a guitar riff and the words follow. I never loved chasing a title. I always loved chasing the music. I have a small group of co-writers I work with that I trust.

6. What was it like working with Charlie Sheen on “Mostly Stoned”?

Charlie is a great guy! The fact that he came to Nashville and wrote and directed my video for free is WILD! He’s such a visionary and a very funny guy. Charlie’s been sober now for over 6 years and is one of the wittiest and funniest humans I’ve ever met.

7. Do you have a dream co-write?
I’d love to write with Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains. I’m on tour with him this summer so maybe that dream will come true!

8. What is your favorite song from the new album?

They’re all my babies so that’s a tough one. I really like “Die Today” as it’s about my friends in the Special Operations community. My heroes have always been soldiers; so, I try to honor them as much as possible.

9. Do you plan to have an album release party in Nashville?

I don’t think we have an album release party planned. Me and my family moved back to Montana in August of 2023 as we purchased a historic bar, restaurant and lodge in the Big Hole Valley with Billy F. Gibbons. I’m sure we’ll have an event there to celebrate! The bar is The Wise River Club.

10. Your show at FirstBand Amphitheater was over the top, when are you coming back?

EDITOR: We don’t have an answer for this one yet but we are looking forward to it, so stay tuned to

–Jerry Holthouse


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