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Oliver Wood—co-founding member of Grammy Award-nominated roots trio, Nashville based The Wood Brothers—has announced the release of his second solo album, Fat Cat Silhouette, due June 14 on Honey Jar Records / Indirecto Records. The nine-song project was produced by his Wood Brothers’ bandmate Jano Rix and features an impressive list of collaborations, including songs co-written with Seth Walker, Sean McConnell and Ric Robertson and guest performances by acclaimed singer/songwriter Katie Pruitt, Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin and Marshall Tucker Band’s Marcus Henderson. Listen to the album’s first single “Light and Sweet” and its accompanying video above.

“Light and Sweet,” a standout track from the album,’ showcases his exceptional talent as both a songwriter and a performer. As the frontman for the acclaimed band The Wood Brothers, Oliver has already established a reputation for his soulful, bluesy sound, and this song further cements his place in Americana and Roots music.

“Light and Sweet” is a masterclass in songwriting, weaving together clever lyrics with a melody that is infectious. Wood’s wit shines through in every line, painting vivid pictures. The accompanying video elevates the song and the visuals perfectly capturing the mood and enhancing its narrative. The creative direction and artistic cinematography reflect the same cleverness and charm found in Wood’s lyrics, making the video a perfect complement to the track.

“Light and Sweet” is a testament to Oliver Wood’s prowess as a solo artist. His knack for storytelling, combined with his charismatic delivery make this song a must-listen. Fans of The Wood Brothers and new listeners alike will find much to appreciate in this gem from ‘Fat Cat Silhouette.’

“A lot of ideas for songs come to me first thing in the morning, when I’m sitting in a chair by a window with a cup of coffee and a notebook. Sometimes you just need an initial image or situation to get started,” says Wood. “In the case of “Light and Sweet,” it was a bird outside the window, and from there it was just imagining a human-like story for him and how it relates to other scenarios where people just do human things and have human problems and make judgements.”

As for the album Wood says “I wanted to get outside my box and embrace the uncertainty of what’s out there, I wanted weird guitar tones. I wanted more percussion and less drums. Once we began experimenting and doing whatever inspired us, the pressure melted away and I felt liberated.”

Recorded analog, direct to tape, at Wood’s longtime home base, The Studio Nashville, he, Rix and bassist Ted Pecchio embraced left turns. On “Yo I Surrender,” (listen below) Steve Berlin’s baritone saxophone adds a stomp and swagger unlike anything Wood has attempted before.

Wood is as busy as ever on the road with The Wood Brothers and also a solo tour. No Nashville dates have been announced as of yet but stay tuned to

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