Top Row (L-R): WME's Risha Rodgers; SiriusXM host Buzz Brainard; Drake White, Lee Brice and Tyler Reeve. Front Row (L-R): Red Light Management's Haley McLemore; #LOVEWINS founders Katrina and Greg Phelps; and SESAC's Shannan Hatch and Lydia Schultz.

Lee Brice Wraps Up Three-show “Lee Brice Presents: The Analog Series”

Last night Lee Brice hosted the final of his three-show “Lee Brice Presents: The Analog Series” with friends Drake White, Tyler Reeve and special guests Rob Hatch and Lewis Brice. The evening was emceed by SiriusXM’s Buzz Brainard and proceeds benefitted #LOVEWINS — a nonprofit represented by Greg Phelps (treasurer of the 501 c3) and his wife Katrina. The organization was created to serve survivors of last year’s Route 91 tragedy.

Greg and Katrina attended last year’s festival and flew in from Las Vegas to attend last night’s event at Analog at Hutton Hotel, representing #LOVEWINS. “We appreciate Lee for supporting our community as we heal. #LOVEWINS was started last year on October 2 because we believe that with one act of kindness, every day, we can change the world.” 

Lee agrees.

“I was there this past Friday night and it’s hard to explain, but it was really special. I didn’t know what to say when people asked me about the weekend. I was like, ‘How do I put into words what’s going on?’ But the fans told me: ‘We’re Country music fans, and we will not let one act of that kind of crazy violence and crazy just crazy, keep us down and keep us away from what we love and what we want.’ It was really inspirational to see,” he said.

Before he played “I Drive Your Truck,” he added this about performing in Las Vegas last Friday night (9/28). “The Country music listeners that I’ve been associated with and a part of — even in the depths of that tragic day — were the strongest. So if they can stand up and say, ‘I’m not letting this hate and evil keep me down from what I love, then I damn sure was not going to let it keep me down and not play and not sing and not do what we were there to do.” The Analog crowd burst into applause and stood in agreement.

“SESAC was thrilled to be a partner of the “Lee Brice Presents: The Analog Series” over the last few months,” said Shannan Hatch, VP of Creative Services, SESAC. “Each show was amazing in its own right with special meaning. Last night was especially moving as we observed the one-year anniversary of the Route 91 tragedy through song and fellowship. The music community is strong, and we will continue to uplift the true meaning of courage and inspiration to those in need.”

The three “Lee Brice Presents: The Analog Series” shows — sponsored by SESAC and Analog
at Hutton Hotel — raised funds and awareness on behalf of Folds of Honor, Thistle Farms and #LOVEWINS.

For more about #LOVEWINS please visit:

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