The Darlins
The Darlins

Interview with Hot Country Duo, The Darlins

Tell us about how ‘The Darlins’ band was formed?
Erinn Bates-We were working at Sephora and pursuing solo careers and we heard about each other, and I heard that she was this brilliant song writer so I went to go see her play the Bluebird, and I just walked in and got the best table, and she is in the round with these hit songwriters and it was hit after hit, then she played her songs and I thought ‘I have got to be writing with her.’ I’m too shy so I didn’t say anything, but then she asked me. It was not long after the Bluebird show I emailed and said ‘lets get together.’

How would you describe the sound of The Darlins’?
Jude Toy- Definitely country, bluegrass, with a smokey eye.

So how did you each get into music?
Erinn Bates- Being born and raised in Nashville, I just always knew I wanted to sing and everytime I opened my mouth to sing, it just sounded country. I used to listen to country radio with my dad and he loved country music, old school country music, and I just knew I wanted to pursue it. I started writing really early, stayed around, went to Belmont and got a music degree and then met Jude.

Jude Toy- I have always loved music; my mom was a concert pianist and I used to listen to her practice when I was just a baby. She would put me in the crib, and I would listen to her just play Mozart and Bach and it rubbed off on me. I love music and my dad also was a big country fan and would listen to all of the classics so I just knew I wanted to do country.

What are your music influences?
Erinn Bates- When we first started writing together and when we started singing, people would just tell us that they thought we sounded like Little Big Town. We have gotten that, Miranda Lambert with edgy country, and Dolly.

Are you working on an album and which of the songs from your new album are you most excited for people to hear?
Jude Toy-We are about to release a single, Blackberry Whiskey. We even made our own blackberry whiskey for the video.

If we turned on your iPod/music device, what would be playing?
Erinn Bates-I listen to country, but right now I’m into Electronic Dance Music; it soothes me and it helps get me out of country for a little bit and if I’m in the car I like to listen to that.

Jude Toy-I love music of all kinds. I love Classical, but I love Eric Church and love listening to him, there are many artists I like in country. I kind of go away from it a little bit and listen to Christian music too.

Where do you like to hang out in Nashville?
Jude Toy-The Gulch and 12 South.

Erinn Bates-Tin Roof on Demonbreun has always been my fav.

Being a Nashvillian, what are some of your favorite dishes and where are the best places to find them?
Jude Toy-You can’t go wrong with The Loveless, I love a good breakfast, breakfast is my favorite meal.

Erinn Bates-The Copper Kettle is very cool. It’s all you can eat and they have everything you can ever imagine.

Is there a place you haven’t ate you have been dying to go?
LA Jackson and Old Glory over on Edgehill.

Nashville Favorites:
Coffee – Starbucks, we’re addicted
Dinner – Depends on what you really want, Husk is great or the Boathouse in Franklin
Catch a Show- The Listening Room and The Bluebird
“Nashville Hot Chicken” Actually haven’t had it yet
Wine – Local places, Arrington Vineyards, We like to try them at the actual winery

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