Interview with Blitzen Trapper Who’s Playing Exit/In TONIGHT!

The Exit/In show tonight is going to be a cool event for Trapper fans. What kind of show can they expect?

Well, there’ll be songs happening from the new record, as well as old stuff and some tunes we haven’t played for many years, all around good time will be had by all. Lilly Hiatt will join us for a special number as well I’d imagine.

This tour is in support of your new album Wild & Reckless. What stands out to you about the music we’re about to hear?

The new record is primarily about story telling, some of the tunes are stand alone stories while others are connected to each other to create a sort of narrative while, trying to summon a particular atmosphere, mood where all the stories live.

What’s a song you may have written ‘just for you,’ but has had a lot of response from listeners?

In all honesty most of my songs are written just for me, there are some songs I choose to hold back for personal reasons, Joanna was one of those. Didn’t want to put it out for its darkness but it seems the right time. There’s such a personal element to most of my narrative songs I’m almost always telling the story to myself thru song as a way to make sense of my feelings about it.

Let’s talk about your single “Wild & Reckless” where did the inspiration for it come from?

The initial spark of the song came from a specific road trip I took with a girl when I was in my twenties, we were just driving out into the eastern oregon desert, no destination, maybe looking to see the wild horses that inhabit the southern part of the state where it hits Nevada. Then some bad stuff went down and we had to head back. That was the beginning of the song, but it’s also partially the story of my aunt who eloped at 15 to Reno and me imagining what what her experience was, and then it’s partly fictional as well.

What was it like shooting the video for it? How creatively involved were you with the whole process?

Brian (Note: Brian Adrian Koch, drummer) made that video, I had nothing to do with its creation. He shot it out in eastern oregon and then in a small town west of the City.

What accomplishment would you say you most proud of?

I have a couple novels I’ve written. I’m pretty proud of and I have a kid. I’m really proud of but my wife did most of the work on that one.

What was the last great concert that you attended as a music fan?

Saw John Prine couple years back, such a fantastic show. He’s one of the great storytellers in America.

What other hobbies do you enjoy when you need to unwind on the road?

I don’t do much unwinding on the road, that’s for when I get home. I read a lot and write stories and trail run quite a bit.

What Nashville restaurants are you loving?

I don’t know, don’t live there. Usually just eat wherever around the venue we’re playing.

After playing a late show, what is your guilty pleasure food?

I usually try to find whatever is available after a show, no guilt involved, just looking for some fuel usually.

I can’t imagine you get a lot of time to cook while you are on tour. When out on the road, who gets to pick where you eat?

We generally eat wherever we feel like when we’re in a city, sometimes together sometimes not. If there’s football on some of us will look for a joint with screens. If we’re feeling particularly under nourished, we’ll look for a place with good greens. Usually a pretty democratic type decision.

Finally, If you could eat or have a drink with one person dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

Chicken wings with Townes Van Zandt.


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