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Here is our latest Nashville Picks- Boone St. Thomas and a sneak peek at “Lovers” from his soon to be released album “When The Sun Came Up”.

Boone St. Thomas has always been about the music. Working for over 10 years as a producer, composer, writer and band musician sharing bills with acts from Richard Swift to Duran Duran, he has added artistry to stories and sounds of all kinds. But with tides changing around the world, he has found he has something to say.

“I’ve always loved the inspiration that comes from composing for a film, or writing and recording with another singer. But these times have challenged all of us, and I was compelled to write something personal and honest about getting through those challenges.”

Lovers is a single on his just released album-When The Sun Came Up is an album about hope through hard times. It’s about change; wanted or unwanted. It’s about empathy and hearing each other. It’s about people coming together and standing for what is right.

“I got inspiration from listening to others and hearing what they were dealing with this year. I often went out surfing or hiking in the quiet dawn hours to reflect. Those moments helped me process things and became a catalyst for the songs. The sun always comes up. It’s the record that I needed to hear right now. Someone else might need to hear it, too.”

When The Sun Came Up is Boone’s debut release as a solo artist.

Instagram: @Boone.St.Thomas

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