5 Spaces You Had No Idea Could Be Perfected with Stone in Nashville

When it comes to your home in Nashville, there’s nothing quite like natural stone to enhance the look. You’ve seen these beautiful homes—stone fronts enrich the beauty of your home while creating a custom look.

Stone has many more uses besides the front of a home or a walkway. Have you considered using stone for your Nashville home? Here are five creative uses you haven’t considered to perfect your property! 

1. Pools

Using natural stone to enhance your pool area will create a space that you and your family can enjoy throughout the seasons. If you already have a pool, you can simply update the space with stone decking. When you’re designing a pool, consider how different types of natural stone will turn your backyard pool into an oasis.

You also have the option of installing a natural pool—these are all the rage in Nashville. Through creating an ecosystem with plants, you eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and create an organic environment that can be perfectly accented with the right stone. Some stones to choose from when it comes to your Nashville pool include flagstone, slate, limestone, and coral.

2. Mailboxes

A stone mailbox is a perfect opportunity for the right do-it-yourselfer. Besides never having your mailbox bashed in again, you’ll have a gorgeous structure to accent your home that’ll last a lifetime. Whether your stone mailbox would match the stone on your home or lawn or be a unique piece all by itself, mailboxes are the perfect opportunity to incorporate some stone into your life.

There are many kinds of stone you could choose for your mailbox. One of the best is fieldstone, which you can purchase in similar sizes to make your project easier. Whether you choose to handle the project yourself or hire a mason to do it, a stone mailbox is a timeless beauty that requires little maintenance and will perfect the look of your home.

3. Your Lawn or Garden

Did you know that you could use stone in your lawn or garden? Whether you want to create a unique water space such as a garden pond or just want a gorgeous garden walkway, stone is the answer. You can even use stone as a mulch, which will effectively stop any weeds and prevent the need from having to mulch every year.

“Two of the main benefits of using natural stone in a garden space is durability and uniqueness. A good quality natural stone can last generations. Since every stone is different, you can truly make your garden one-of-a-kind,” explains Lee Marbett, owner of The Rock Place in Nashville, Tennessee.

When you want a low-maintenance garden that doesn’t look anything like your neighbor’s, consider utilizing the right stone in your beautifully landscaped yard.

4. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are hugely advantageous in the Nashville area because of the hilly terrain. These walls prevent soil runoff and protect your landscape from turning into a yard that’s entirely shaped by erosion. You can utilize retaining walls in your Nashville yard to protect your landscape and create a unique natural feature not seen in other yards.

When you opt for a retaining wall with natural stone, not only does it bring out the best of your property, but the stone creates a look that can’t be replicated by artificial materials. You can create the space that speaks to you the most!

5. Backyard Saunas

A backyard sauna is a perfect place to take advantage of natural stone. You can create a freestanding structure or incorporate it into an existing outbuilding. Either way, these backyard additions benefit hugely from the application of stone.

From walkways to exterior walls, you can use stone practically any way you like with a sauna. A sauna can perfect accent your yard and provides the mini oasis you need to relax in Nashville regardless of the season. The interior of your sauna should be cedar, as this will hold up the best in regards to the steam.

When it comes to stone, flagstone is a popular choice to use for saunas. Whether you have an existing sauna or want to design one, consider natural stone to create the look you want and perfect your backyard space.

Have you used natural stone for any of these spaces at your home in Nashville? See if you can spot the use of stone in  local Nashville celebrity homes! Consider the beauty and durability of stone to make your property a unique and stylish gem.

From creating a truly personalized space to appreciating the natural beauty of this material, natural stone can be used in so many ways to turn an ordinary yard into your dream yard!

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