Nashville Artist’s Reveal Their Hidden Restaurant Gems

Nashville’s food scene is on fire right now, with tons of new eateries popping up every month! It is so hard to choose where to go! So we asked some our favorite artists and Nashvillians on their go to’s and hidden restaurant gems. Check it out!

Delta Rae’s Grant Emerson- The Smiling Elephant for Thai and The Holland House for drinks, though It’s closed now, so I guess it’s hidden forever.
Matt Rogers- Lockeland Table
Doyle Lawson- Merchants Restaurant
Jesse Rice- Korea House on Charlotte Pike
Bailey James- Being from the Northeast, it’s hard to find a good pizza. DeSano’s pizza rocks!
Sarah Ross- Bolton’s. Best hot chicken in Nashville
Southern Halo-
Natalia- Both the Marsh House and LA Jackson at the Thompson Hotel are considered hidden restaurant gems for me. The hotel is right across the street from our new place and we’ve became best friends with the whole staff! Plus the food is EXCELLENT!
Christina- Etch is a super cool, hidden restaurant in Nashville with THE BEST food ever! Literally Jesus is cooking in that Kitchen.
Hannah- I really love Whiskey Kitchen. The atmosphere is so chill, and the food is the best! They have the BEST salads, wraps and sandwiches!
Sylvia- My favorite food is Mexican and the best Mexican food I have found in Nashville is El Palenque in the Green Hills area of Nashville. This is a family owned and run business and has been around for at least 30 years. When I need comfort food, El Palenque is where you’ll find me!
T. Graham Brown- The Dairy Dip
Will Hoge- Rotier’s in Nashville
Smithfield- Lu’s Lu’s
Fiona Culley- Koi – my favorite Chicken Pho
Lucy Angel- Monell’s
Clark Hill- I don’t think there are any true hidden ones, cause everything is so popular, I’ll go with the easy answer… Hattie B’s!
Ryan Follese- Barbara’s Home Cooking out in Franklin. Barbara lives upstairs and it’s amazing.
Julia Capogrossi- Epice! I’m not so sure if it’s really hidden, but it’s a Lebanese restaurant in 12 South. I was a skeptic walking in at first because I’ve never even heard of a restaurant that serves Lebanese food here, but it is so tasty!
Nick Hickman- Ninki Sushi is a sushi restaurant that I found on accident, but they have the best sushi and yum yum sauce in Nashville. It’s a must try!
Travis Rice- Taco Mamacita!!! (who would have guessed) I love the shrimp po boy BLT taco!!
Crystal Day- Well, I don’t know if it’s a gem because there are a few locations but I am completely obsessed with Oscar’s Tacos at the moment. I had never had it before and happened upon it after a writing session one day. They serve them on corn tortillas and I actually dream about them! Ha They must put something in there because I’m addicted.
Kayla Calabrese- Bella Napoli Pizzeria! It’s an amazing Italian restaurant in Edgehill. You have to walk into an alley to find it, so it’s literally hidden 🙂
Mark Bray- You know, you can’t go wrong with good BBQ! I’ll do Martin’s BBQ any day!
Logan Mize- I used to eat out a lot more but my favorite Mexican restaurant right now is Camino Real out in Franklin.
Caroline Jones- Joe Natural’s
Amber DeLaCruz- Crumb de la Crumb

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