LISTEN: Aaron Marlowe’s “Bottom of the Shot Glass”

For 25 years, Aaron Marlowe has been immersed in the world of guitar melodies, but it’s only recently that the former software developer found his way into the vibrant heart of Nashville’s music scene. His musical journey is a heartfelt homage to the golden era of rock from the ’70s and ’80s, infused with a unique touch of funk that sets him apart from the crowd. Emerging onto the scene in 2020, his debut EP “Ladies and Gentlemen…” weaved together the essence of classic rock and the soul of country music.

His new album “Resurrection” showcases an array of tunes spanning from traditional rock to classic country, each melody reflects the journey he’s undertaken over the years, manifesting in a myriad of playing styles that he’s meticulously cultivated. With songs like “Bottom of The Shot Glass” and “That Old Countryside,” Aaron’s lyricism captures the essence of a true singer-songwriter.

The album’s inaugural notes unfold with “Bottom of the Shot Glass,” where a spirited guitar solo intertwines with infectious drum rhythms, propelling a heartrending yet catchy narrative. A tale of searching for a lost love, Aaron’s commitment to his rock roots shines through, punctuated by a playful callback in the chorus, “Shot! Shot! Shot!”

The album has 10 tracks, comprising 8 originals and 2 reinterpretations, including the iconic Johnny Cash ballad, “Wayfaring Stranger.” In his rendition, Aaron infuses the classic country piece with a rock flair.

The emotive storytelling continues in “The Old Countryside,” a tribute to his late cousin that encapsulates his singer-songwriter charm. The song, steeped in country influences, takes listeners on a poignant voyage through Aaron’s connection with his cousin, imparting the lesson to “Cherish what you have now / Learn from that old dusty road.” Despite delving into weighty themes and tragic tales, Aaron’s music resonates with hope and healing, a beacon of positivity that pays homage to cherished memories.

Listen and download here.

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