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From choosing local grains to barreling, Pennington Distilling Company’s bottled-in-bond whiskeys are years in the making. Every so often, this Tennessee distillery discovers a barrel that displays exceptional nuance, so they set it aside.  Single Barrel Davidson Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon is silky and buttery with a creamy butterscotch finish. It’s a special bourbon reserved for special occasions!
Origin: Tennessee
Spirit Type: Bourbon
ABV: 57.78%
Proof: 115.56
Color: Dark Brown
Aroma: Creamy, Herbal, Caramel, Nutmeg
Taste: Buttery, Silky
Finish: Creamy Butterscotch, Sweet Herbal
Price: $49

About Pennington Distilling Company
The family-run Pennington Distilling Company is the independent Nashville distillery treating their craft spirits like members of the family. Founded in 2011, each of their spirits are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. They put nothing but love into every step of the distillation process.

Pennington Distilling’s  owners, Jeff and Jenny Pennington, feel that running a distillery is a lot like being a parent. It takes an awful lot of forethought, a steel stomach for the unexpected, and more than a little bit of devotion. And with all that, it still takes plenty of time. Jeff and Jenny knew it would be years before they were able to enjoy their whiskey. But the prospect of distilling was too exciting.

So they went for it. Pennington Distilling’s first offerings were their Whisper Creek liqueurs. Soon followed by their line of Pickers Vodka. Then finally, they bottled their Davidson Reserve whiskeys. Believe them when they say that the long wait was worth it.

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