Hook and Ladder Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

Hook and Ladder Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
Hook and Ladder Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey
The folks behind Kingsport, Tennessee’s Hook and Ladder Distillery were kind enough to open their private reserve for you. Their Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is aged in small, medium charred White Oak barrels. Straight from the still, they fill the barrels with their 140 Fire Moonshine and let it age for a full year. The shorter again period provides the sweet and smooth flavors of caramel and charred oak. Light on the smoke, Private Reserve Bourbon Whiskey is sure to light your fire!
Origin: Tennessee
Spirit Type: Bourbon
Spirit Style: Bourbon Whiskey
ABV: 50.00
Proof: 100.00
Color: Gold
Taste: Sweet Notes Of Carmel And Charred Oak, Light On The Smoke Side
Finish: Smooth
Price: $34

About Hook and Ladder Distillery

About Hook and Ladder Distillery: Nestled in the heart of the ‘Model City’, Kingsport, Tenn., is Hook & Ladder Distillery, a father-son duo that distill award-winning moonshine. Drew and Kenneth Draper are dedicated to two things: putting forth award-winning, craft spirits and honoring the brotherhood of firefighters across the country.

Drew Draper has been a student of his craft since he was 17 years old, long before moonshine was legal in Tennessee. In a perfect coincidence, when Drew turned 21 moonshine became legal. He could finally chase his lifelong passion. He approached his father, a decorated Senior Captain with the Kingsport Fire Department, about opening a distillery and his father was eager to help.

After having hundreds of firefighters try their first moonshine, Drew and Kenneth knew they had a winner on their hands. Since, Hook & Ladder Distillery has added to their award-winning line of oat-based moonshines. Nine different flavors, including Salted Caramel, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange DreamSickle. As well as an aged bourbon and an award-winning vodka.

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