Old Dominick Memphis Toddy

Old Dominick Memphis Toddy
Old Dominick Memphis Toddy
The bottle that sparked the distillery. When Alex and Chris Canale found a bottle of their great great grandfather’s original Dominick Toddy, they knew it was time to resurrect it. With a recipe dating back to 1880, their Old Dominick Memphis Toddy uses bourbon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and citrus peels. The resulting award-winning bottle tastes like the holidays were infused into a bourbon. Notes of exotic spices and rich honey are balanced by tart citrus. Best served slightly chilled over cracked ice, as originally intended by the Canale family patriarch. Do not freeze!
Origin: Tennessee
Spirit Type: Bourbon
Spirit Style: Flavored Bourbon
ABV: 30.00
Proof: 60.00
Color: Brown
Aroma: Baked Apples, Citrus Peels, Allspice
Taste: Warming, Exotic Spices, Rich Honey, Dry, Tart Citrus
Finish: Light Body, Extremely Long, Soothing Finish
Price: $38

About Old Dominic Distillery
Just down the block from the now defunct Memphis institution D. Canale & Co. food wholesaler, Domenico Canale’s great-great grandchildren are resurrecting his legacy. The award-winning Old Dominick Distillery was founded by cousins Chris and Alex Canale in 2017.

In 2013, Chris and Alex found an unopened bottle of Domenico’s Dominick Toddy. Originally from the 1880s, it wasn’t the first spirit he made, but it was his favorite. It’s easy to be inspired when you find a 140-year-old bottle of liquor. So they revitalized the brand and opened Old Dominick Distillery. They added Alex Castle to their family operation. The first female Head Distiller in Tennessee, she now serves as their Master Distiller.

Each award-winning bottle from Old Dominick Distillery celebrates the heritage of Domenico Canale. From their Huling Station Bourbon Whiskey named for the warehouse where D. Canale & Co. was started, to their reinvigoration of the Dominick Toddy. Made from the same recipe, it’s now known as Old Dominick Memphis Toddy. And every sip is a taste of the Canale family legacy.

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