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Middle Tennessee sees first heat wave of season

Summer does not officially kick off until June 20, but it sure will feel like it this week.

Over the past weekend, heat has come on strong and humidity levels ramped up in response. Sunday and Monday, the high temperature reached 91 as well as 92 degrees respectively.


With Tuesday’s forecast of 90, that will make it three days in a row, meaning our first heat wave of the season. At the same time a classic June weather pattern is taking shape with high pressure to our east.

In addition, no fronts or organized areas of low pressure are expected to move across Middle Tennessee or southern Kentucky. Therefore, widespread rain will not be the story, but rather pop up scattered activity driven by daytime heating.

As in the past with these type of patterns you will notice redundancy – warm, humid mornings with clouds billowing up by early afternoon. Several storms pop up past lunchtime and fade close to sunset.

Keep in mind, many areas will be dry, but any storm that generates will produce a quick soaking as well as frequent lightning. At least late evenings will be rain-free.

Like a broken record, our weather will repeat itself over and over towards the upcoming weekend. It is just that time of year.

Hydrate, apply sunscreen, grab your sunglasses, and your umbrella just in case.

Courtesy of WKRN News 2

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