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How to Manage Back Pain without Narcotics in Franklin

If you suffer from chronic pain, especially back pain, life can feel unbearable. With the number of opioid prescriptions soaring in Franklin over the last couple of years, it’s become essential to seek another way to manage your pain.

There are ways to manage back pain without narcotic medication in Franklin. Whether you have chronic lower back pain from your office job or if you have an injury that’s left you with lingering pain, there is hope. Here’s how you can get back on your feet without pain and without narcotics!

Don’t Sit So Much 

Although Tennesseans did a better job of moving and getting healthier in the last few years than years prior, there’s still a ways to go. Unfortunately, many people have jobs in which they sit for long periods of time.

Sitting—especially with poor posture—can majorly impact your spine. Ironically, most chronic back pain doesn’t come from larger problems, but from smaller ones that may have accumulated over time, such as sitting with poor posture. Sitting for long periods of time can strain your spinal discs, overstretch ligaments, and hurt your back.

So how can you not sit so much? Take frequent breaks at your job. You can walk to the bathroom, to get water, to get coffee, to get lunch. Choose to take the stairs rather than the elevator if you’re able. Small changes make a big impact on spinal health! 

Try Yoga or Massage 

Yoga is becoming more popular in Williamson County than ever before. Yoga is the practice of doing beneficial body postures along with regulating your breath that can be a peaceful and pain-relieving practice.

What’s more is that research shows that yoga can help relieve back pain, especially lower back pain. Practicing yoga regularly was able to reduce the stress of daily wear-and-tear on the spine and help people better manage their pain.

Massage is also something that’s been shown to help back pain. Regular massages can help stop lower back pain; research proves that patients who got massages showed “significantly greater improvement” in their symptoms.

Invest in Chiropractic Care

“Chiropractors have been using a variety of techniques to treat patients with chronic pain for decades,” said Dr. Gil Kentof, owner and director of the Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck and Chronic Pain Relief.

“Recently, studies have shown the benefits of chiropractic care for acute and chronic conditions alike. Spinal adjustments, ultrasound therapy, dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, and spinal decompression are treatments that most chiropractic offices now provide. These treatments not only help eliminate pain but also help improve function.”

When it comes to your spine, research has consistently shown that chiropractic care can help ease your chronic pain and improve your quality of life. “Chiropractic care involves no drugs or irreversible surgery. It’s a natural method of relieving nerve interference and helping your body function an optimal level,” says Dr. Kentof.

Have Good Posture


We’ve talked about how posture is one of the things that can corrupt your spinal health. This is especially true if you’re sitting for long periods of time during the day.

So let’s talk about how you can have better posture!

  • It’s never a good idea to cross your legs
  • Keep your feet on the floor, or, if they don’t reach the floor, on a footrest
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • If you’re not able to adjust your chair to properly support your back, invest in some type of support such as a pillow
  • Get up and move as often as you’re able

Good posture is essential to help manage back pain. With just a few tweaks, you can have the ideal posture and stop experiencing so much chronic pain.

It’s easier than you think to manage back pain without narcotics in Franklin. With how easy it is to become addicted to pain medication, why take the risk? You can invest in a better level of care for your spinal health and decrease discomfort. By moving around, having good posture, trying yoga, and investing in chiropractic care, you can stop back pain and have a healthy spine!

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