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The Serpenteens’ Live at The Blue Room

June 10 @ 8:00 pm - 12:00 am

$10 – $13
The Serpenteens’ Live at The Blue Room, Nashville

The Serpenteens’ Live at The Blue Room in Nashville on June 10, 2022. Show: 8:00pm. This is an 18+ event.

Tickets: $10 advanced / $13 day of show.

Please note that all ticket sales will be available at will-call the night of the show. Please be prepared with your email ticket confirmation, your name, and some form of identification to show the door person.

*All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted*

There’s a restless energy on The Serpenteens’ debut album, Revolution. Perhaps, it’s that the songs were conceived in the height of the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown. Or, maybe it’s that Tracy Jean and Marco Argiro embody that wonderful, wandering punk attitude. The safe bet’s on the latter.

Marco Argiro has been a recognized name in music scenes both foreign and domestic for years. With British band The Killing Floor and American band Marco With Love, Argiro has opened for acts like Twenty One Pilots, Courtney Barnett, Fitz and The Tantrums and Marky Ramone. His music has been featured in projects by Ford, MTV, and A&E. Yet for all of the reasons Argiro could have a big head, you don’t hear that in the music on Revolution. Not only a drummer, Tracy Jean brings a plethora of life and experience into The Serpenteens. Tracy truly embodies living as an artist, with skills in songwriting, visual art, sculpting, puppeteering, and more. Between the two of them, Argiro and Tracy Jean have led many lives. And all of that experience is rolled up into the songs on Revolution.

Together, Marco and Tracy are searching for the dark heart of rock and roll. The resolve of their pursuit pours out of every note of this fantastic debut record. Though the duo just started writing together within the past two years, their sound is already fully formed and functional. From the opening notes of “Corpse Pose,” it’s clear that The Serpenteens are chasing a colossal, almost symphonic sound. Octave fuzz, cowbell, and thumping floor toms introduce listeners to the band’s haunting tones. Though there’s a darkness imbued into the songs, the energy is nothing but infectious. It’s an onslaught of raucous joy.

The band chose to leave their Nashville home to make Revolution in the humid air of Miami, FL. On the first single, “Strut,” you can hear that swampy Florida weather in Argiro’s guitar. As the chords dive and swagger around Tracy Jean’s steady, looming groove, the band invites us to turn the “walk of shame” into a “stride of pride.” Again, it’s that fine line between moody and ecstatic that The Serpenteens walk so well. The song ultimately crescendos into an upbeat, cymbal bashing jam. From tame shuffle to unruly outro, Tracy Jean and Marco know how to make a cinematic rock and roll experience out of some chords and toms. It doesn’t get more punk than that.

Athletes talk about love of the game. On Revolution, you’ll hear what happens when two musicians who truly love rock and roll get together to make a record. When thinking about the message they wanted to send on this record, the band says, “We believe that the current revolution is an ongoing revolution… and is not only a social, political, and cultural revolution but most importantly a revolution of the mind and choosing to live within love consciousness.” The Serpenteens are giving us a front row seat to that cultural shift. With every snare cracked and string broken, Tracy Jean and Marco Argiro are hoping for a true connection with their audience. If that’s not the dark heart of rock, then what is?


The Blue Room
623 7th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37023 United States


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